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ASI Solutions acquires Canberra based IT Services Company Forward IT

ASI Solutions is delighted to announce the next step in its growth strategy, with the acquisition of Forward IT.

Forward IT is a Canberra based company that offers a similar range of solutions to ASI Solutions, based on hardware, software and managed services. They have a strong portfolio of Government and corporate clients, based on excellent working relationships.
Operating out of Belconnen in Canberra, the three founders and directors Dom Polegubic, Stephen Seckar & Nick Kattas will remain in the business operating the teams they have currently run successfully since 2002.

“We have identified Canberra as an area where we need to grow” says Nathan Lowe, ASI Solutions’ Managing Director, “and Forward IT’s strong team gives us the opportunity to rapidly build that growth”.

“The acquisition will give ASI access to additional Government business to grow our Public Sector portfolio along with additional managed service growth” explains Lowe, “and will give us the additional volume to provide scale to our product and managed services offerings.”

ASI Solutions plans to keep Forward IT running on a standalone basis, providing help where needed. “We have made this acquisition because of Forward IT’s team and relationships”, explains Lowe, “and we plan to preserve and learn from Forward IT’s knowledge and client relationships.”

The acquisition offers opportunities for both organisations: “Forward IT welcomes this purchase as the chance to bring in working capital to grow and fund new opportunities” explains Nick. ”It gives the Forward IT directors a chance to run the business with additional funding and less distraction and to harness ASI’s infrastructure in the form of our newly implemented ERP system, our inventory, warehousing, infrastructure and processes. The team has already met ASI management and are excited by the opportunities to be apart of a growing national service provider.”

“As for ASI, we get to add 33 highly talented people to our organisation, expand our client base in Canberra and achieve operational synergies. Above all, we will learn from Forward IT’s expertise in the Canberra market. It’s a win-win scenario and we are very excited for the future”

*Acquisition transaction value non-disclosed