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Danile Johns at Transformation Through Technology Podcast

Daniel Johns, Head of Services at ASI Solutions makes a guest appearance on Episode 4: Transformation Through Technology of the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand podcast series ‘Shaping the Practice of Tomorrow’

Daniel Johns touches on why making a business case to the cloud is easy, given the capability of increasing mobility and scalability and cost efficiency. 

There are predictions that 78% of smaller businesses will adopt Cloud in 2020 which is why finding a professional technology partner to advise you on the best approach on the often complex migration to the Cloud is essential in this process.

This episode is focused on Technology transformation. David Boyar, (Founder and Managing Director at Sequel CFO) talks to Alan Fitzgerald, (Buyers Advocate at Practice Connections Advisory) about how tech transformation is pretty simply everyone getting access to high level technology that previously, none of the big firms got to play with.

We’re going to learn about the foundational changes that have led to what an automated firm can do before hearing from Trent Innes from Xero and Caroline Wright from MYOB. But it’s Australia’s Commissioner of Tax, Chris Jordan, who gives the greatest reason why we should adopt technology.

Have a listen to learn more.


Alan Fitzgerald, Buyers Advocate, Practice Connections Advisory
Trent Innes, Managing Director, Xero
Caroline Wright, Head of Product, MYOB
Chris Jordan FCA, Commissioner of Taxation
Daniel Johns, Head of Services, ASI Solutions
Amy Holdsworth, CEO and Founder, Clarity Street

David Boyar, Founder and MD at Sequel CFO