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Master your Makerspace for Schools

Having a makerspace in a school is becoming a must.  They are a unique space where “maker-centred” learning experiences can happen in schools, these spaces encourage hands-on collaborative learning, which encourages creativity and innovation. 

While this is by no means a new concept, ASI Solutions has partnered with industry market leaders to be able to offer a wide variety of technologies that can assist in student engagement so you as an educator can tick off more learning outcomes.


Here are 4 Questions to get you started

1. What subjects will be taught in your MakerSpace?

Design & Technology, Maths and Science are the first subjects that pop into mind to start off with, but think outside the box, any subject can be integrated into a Makerspace with the right tools. Why not take your history class for a walk through the Pyramids with the use of a VR set up?

2. Who are the students using the space?

Is this a generic space to be used by all grades, or will it be set up in each class room? Take into consideration the ability of the students using this space and make sure the projects are appropriate for the students that are being taught. Never forget how fast the students will adapt to the new learning environment and be prepared to make changes on the fly to make projects more or less complex.

3. Where are you going to build your MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace can be as large or small as you want it to be, but always remember to have enough space for the making to happen as well as storage of the projects, tools and materials. Don’t forget about power and network – some of your tools and tech will need these to be used effectively.

4. What about integration into the curriculum?

ASI Education Consultants have many great resources from to help with curriculum integration of your MakerSpace. Several of our STEM and STEAM solutions come with a full curriculum guide and lesson plans. Just remember that you are able to tweak these guides to match your teaching style, students and to mirror your learning outcomes and objectives.


Building a Makerspace can seem like a daunting process, but it can be as simple as following these steps below:

Step 1 Take the time to plan

Step 2 Define the learning outcomes that you are hoping to achieve

Step 3 Define runes and behaviours for the space

Step 4 Determine the integration points in your curriculum

Step 5 Decide on the project/s to fit the integration points

Step 6 Map out your space

Step 7 Kit out your space with the relevant tools, materials, storage and inspiration


Inspiration can be found all over the internet. Online research is always a great start but also look through Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter as there is a wealth of knowledge to be found once you start looking for it.  

And if in doubt you can always contact your ASI Education Consultant who will be able to help you build out a plan to best suit your needs!

You can read more about these devices and more in our Term 1 Education Catalogue 2019. 

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