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My Name is Huy and I have recently joined the ASI Team as the resident Microsoft Solutions Specialist/Guru.

Before joining ASI, I spent 4 years in-house with Microsoft as a Surface solutions specialist. My goal with the ASI Team is to serve as the Microsoft Solution expert and find new ways to empower our customers with Microsoft 365.

I have a range of product knowledge in Surface and end user compute and am currently focused on M365 the modern workplace solution. Despite being a tech geek,  I love working with people and thrive in a team environment which means collaboration is key for me!

I have a passion for all-things-tech and love to test out new products/solutions/devices all the time. This helps me to really deliver the right solution to the right customer!

I always strive to delivering the best possible customer service which means being their trusted advisor and giving them the honest truth around the best solution for their unique needs.

With a history in delivering user adoption training in Surface and Microsoft Teams and have worked with a number of Microsoft customer accounts. I am a strong believer that the workplace environment we are in has an expectation that everyone knows how to use a computer but no one has ever received any training on it. Windows and M365 constantly evolving and adding newer features it is exciting to see how much productivity can be achieved when someone has the knowledge and tools to use it.

I look forward to working with you in the near future, however in the meantime, if you have any Microsoft questions or queries please reach out!