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Promethean Stand at BETT London – Top 4 Questions

Other panels have android capability, so what makes Promethean’s different?

Although android capability isn’t unique to Promethean, the ActivConnect G-Series is unique to the Promethean ActivPanel. Promethean are currently the only panel provider whose android capabilities are external from the panel. This is an excellent way of future proofing your school as Promethean’s android can be updated as the technology evolves and doesn’t require a new panel to be purchased. Secondly, the ActivConnect is what is known as an ‘open android’ which means users can download and use any apps from any Android app store, including Google Play. This naturally increases the usability, and completely enhances the functionality of the device, as users then have access to over half a million educational applications, as opposed to it being a closed system with a very limited number of applications available to use.


In my school we currently have IWB’s and they are only really being used as displays so I am a little reluctant on investing in panels….how can the Promethean ActivPanel’s enhance student engagement and teaching and learning?

Promethean ActivPanel’s are much more than just a simple front of class display. They provide multi touch functionality which is fantastic for group collaboration. When your computer is connected, you have access to all your computing software, including ActivInspire and Classflow that provide excellent platforms for building interactive content that is based around your teaching and learning programs. When using the ActivConnect interface, you can access a whole range of Android applications from the Google Play Store and start to utilise these within the classroom to enhance student engagement and motivation. Promethean’s ‘ActivCast’ application allows mirroring of multiple devices at the same time on the ActivPanel screen. Activcast is compatible with any type of device enabling students to quickly and easily share their work on screen. Using the native Screenshot Annotate Tool on the ActivConnect you are then able to annotate over any application you are in, save these annotations and share it in on in a multitude of ways. The Promethean ActivPanels provide the perfect synergy between student devices, teacher devices and teaching and learning content to truly enhance engagement.


If you had to give me a really quick overview of the ActivPanel, what key features are worth mentioning?

The Promethean V5 ActivPanel features In Glass Touch Technology that allows for a seamlessly smooth writing experience. Promethean Activpanels feature an external, open android device called the ActivConnect G-Series which provides the perfect tablet like interface with native features such as mirroring of multiple devices, instant white boarding and screenshot annotation. The Promethean Activpanels also have multi touch functionality (10 or 20 points of touch depending on model) that is excellent for promoting collaboration within the classroom. All Promethean Activpanels come with 5 years on -site warranty and with Promethean being first and foremost an educational company, they have the needs of students and teachers at heart. Promethean are continually consulting with educators around the world, looking at ways to develop their software and products to best suit modern teaching and learning environments.


At our school we have a range of devices from Windows to Apple to Chromebooks, will all of these work with the Promethean ActivPanel and how?

All devices can connect to the Promethean ActivPanels and be can be used in two ways. Firstly, computers or laptops can be connected via cables to allow for full touch functionality on the panel that allows educators to utilise software such as ActivInspire and encourage collaboration via the touch screen interface. Secondly, when using the panel via the ActivConnect Android, any tablet or computer device, regardless of brand, can be mirrored via the ‘ActivCast’ application that enables mirroring of multiple devices simultaneously. This is a fantastic feature when wanting to share students work or simply mirror a teaching device when no interactivity is necessarily needed.


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