As the only Brocade Elite Partner in Australia, we have the in-house expertise you need to design your architecture, supply and deploy your network, from scratch if necessary. Our engineers are extensively trained and qualified with years of combined experience, also including the only certified Brocade Distinguished Architect in Australia.

Brocade Network Subscription

You need to proactively manage a dynamic, just-in-time network. That’s just what the Brocade Subscription model helps you do. Without a catch. Our in-plain-English agreement spells it out. Subscribe to what you need—with support included and no up-front cash demands. Cancel anything or everything at any time with 60 days’ notice. No hassles. No penalties. (Of course, if you need to upgrade or expand, we make that easy, too.)

ICX Switches

Brocade HyperEdge Architecture ICX switches feature flexible scalability, simplified management, and low TCO. Scale ports and services easily, campus-wide, as user applications and devices grow. Premium switches share advanced services with entry-level switches while delivering centralised management. And enjoy open standards support that provides multi-vendor interoperability, SDN adoption, and investment protection.

VDX Switches

Ethernet fabrics, part of the new IP architecture, can evolve your network into one that’s automated, optimised and cost efficient while laying the foundation for SDN and NVF.
Integrated Brocade VCS Fabric technology lets you manage all your Brocade data center switches as a single logical element, and add switches network-wide without manual configuration. Choose from top-of-rack, fixed form factor, and chassis-based designs.