LapCabby IT Storage Products

At LapCabby, good design is a high priority

Their innovative IT storage does everything you’d expect and more. LapCabby products are about the little touches that make your life easier. Whether you use tablets, laptops, netbooks or Chromebooks, the LapCabby range provides the ideal solution for storing, charging and moving your equipment.Their units were originally developed for schools, but have found their way into universities, libraries, business and retail – even prisons and football clubs. Wherever you work, the need safety, efficiency and security are understood. And a little bit of colour doesn’t go amiss either.

LapCabby Laptop Storage

Laptop Storage

Every laptop storage trolley come with a huge range of innovative, user-friendly features, some developed following feedback from our customers. They’re a safe, secure and really efficient way to store and charge laptops and keep cables tidy.

LapCabby Netbook & Chromebook Storage

Netbook & Chromebook Storage

The mini laptop trolleys are specially designed to hold between 20 and 32 netbooks and Chromebooks. Like all other units, they’re designed for ease of use with lots of surprisingly clever features.

LapCabby Tablet Storage

Tablet Storage

Smart, interactive and ever-so-portable, tablets have revolutionised the way many of us work, learn and play. The TabCabby units keep any kind of tablet – including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers – safe, secure and organised.