Blending the real world with the virtual

What is zSpace?

The zSpace system integrates into your normal life with desktop virtual reality that allows you to seamlessly move in and out of zSpace back to the real world. This experience is enabled by a unique combination of high definition stereopsis, integrated head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus.

zSpace provides an immersive environment for users in many industries driven by the desire to create and visualise objects with immersive realism. Designed for individuals seeking the most responsive tools that go beyond conventional displays and input devices. zSpace allows users to complete complex tasks in a natural and intuitive manner.

zSpace Products

STEM Education

zSpace is the ultimate immersive learning experience that allows students to interact with objects and understand the concepts behind them. With zSpace, students can learn highly engaging tasks that are often too complex, expensive, and dangerous for the classroom.
Educational Case Studies:

Alum Rocks School District
Plainview-Old BethPage School District
Ross School District

2015 Education Software Package

zSpace Studio

Over 600 models, providing prepared activities in all sciences and history.


Create, Design, Model, Sculpture before an object is sent off to be printed also import your own models.

zSpace Newton’s Park

Build and run physics experiments.

zSpace Franklin’s Lab

The properties of electricity understood through building circuits.

Cyber Science 3D

Detailed exploration and dissection of a variety of models.


Engage younger students in the investigation of animals, geology and movement patterns.

β€œI am thrilled with the partnership between zSpace and ASI. Continued investment and innovation in Australian education is critical to ensure the continued prosperity of Australia. A vital part of our investment must be in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), where the zSpace technology really excels.”
– Bob Mansfield, zSpace Advisor in Australia.

Just put on a pair of zSpace glasses and experience the magic of real world VR.

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Cyber Anatomy 3D
Cyber Science 3D