Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga

The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga utilise Druva and ASI Solutions to support their IT backup and recovery.

The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga is in rural NSW, stretching from Khancoban in the east to Griffith in the west. The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga (CEDWW) supports the 31 primary and secondary schools and 8500 students in the diocese. It acts as a central hub providing core services of HR, finance, education support and IT to all the schools.

Like many educational bodies, the CEDWW uses Google G Suite for Education as its productivity platform. G Suite’s cloud-based tools and applications make it simple for staff and students to collaborate and share documents.

“The whole idea of G Suite for Education is that everything is stored in the cloud”, explains Bruce Crawford, ICT Manager at CEDWW.

“Whilst that makes for excellent productivity and collaboration benefits, it does also mean that we need a local backup. As soon as you share documents and content, it’s inevitable that someone deletes something that someone is still using. You want people to collaborate and share, contribute and change things, and you have to manage for the possibility that occasionally something will get inadvertently deleted.”

CEDWW did have a backup solution, but needed better functionality, particularly around managing policies. Bruce and his IT team did a market scan to find suitable backup solutions and found Druva’s InSync solution.

Druva offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) backup and recovery for G Suite for Education, including Google mail, individual users’ Google drives, and shared drives. Its ease of use, patented cloud architecture and high functionality have made Druva a recognised industry leader globally in cloud date protection.

“We did a proof of concept with Druva and found that InSync offered the combination of high functionality and ease of use that we wanted”, says Bruce. “It was the right solution for us.”

Andrew Fifield, Enterprise Account Executive with Druva, takes up the story: “Druva works through partners, who take our solution to the market”, he says.

“Our partners are forward thinking, highly skilled organisations with specialist knowledge in key industry sectors. ASI was the perfect partner for this project”, he continues. “Not only because of their expertise in the education market, but also because they already had a strong existing relationship with CEDWW.”

CEDWW had worked with ASI for many years, particularly on the projects to implement interactive panels and Chrome notebooks.

The Druva/ASI relationship was a win for all parties. For Druva, ASI was the natural fit for its engagement with the CEDWW. For ASI, the project represented a chance to deliver additional value to a key client. For Bruce, having selected Druva, managing the transition to inSync through ASI made for additional peace of mind.

“ASI are a trusted partner”, says Bruce. “They were able to pull everything together – from arranging quotes and contracts, to on boarding the licensing and managing the relationships between all the parties.”

Druva inSync has made a big difference to the CEDWW. “In education, content is everything”, Bruce explains. “Teaching resources, records, program information, learning and operational platform data. It has to be available for teachers, students and operational staff.”

CEDWW values the fact that Druva is much more flexible and reliable than their previous system, and that it allows them to define the backup and retention policies that suited their business.

“Set up and configuration was simple and, crucially, recovery is quick and easy. Druva has a powerful search capability – we can find content inside any document, including pdfs, emails, calendar entries. It’s very easy to find what we’re looking for. It offers a range of recovery options – including to another cloud account. Druva also integrates to our identity access platform, Okta, so we can provision users and give the appropriate permissions.”

“Working with ASI is great”, says Bruce. “Our account manager, Shantel Lockhart always follows up to make sure we’re happy and ensures that any challenges are resolved.”

“Druva has given us the peace of mind that we’ll always be able to retrieve our valuable content. Implementing it with the help of ASI made the whole process smooth and professional.”


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