ASI provides the HCI platform that keeps Sanity Music in tune with its customers

Eye on the future - how a state of the art HCI platform from ASI enables Sanity music to focus on growth.

Sanity Music is Australia’s ‘go-to’ for music, TV, movies, gaming and puzzles. An established local icon, Sanity’s familiar brand can be found on no less than 155 stores across every state and territory in the country.


Since 1992, Sanity has ridden the wave of entertainment technology through very many changes, and still delivers what its customers want, nearly 30 years later. Internally too, in its own operations, Sanity embraces technology to drive customer service up and costs down.

Most recently, Sanity Music, has worked with ASI Solutions to refresh their IT platform. Sanity had moved to a hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) Nutanix platform several years ago, because of its ease of management and its flexibility.

“The beauty of HCI”, says Gerald Chau, Sanity Music’s IT Services and Network Manager, “is how easy it is to add or replace servers. It’s one of the key reasons we chose the Nutanix platform and this most recent upgrade has confirmed once again that we made the right decision.”

Sanity had no hesitation in calling in ASI for the upgrade. The original Nutanix platform was installed by BEarena, who are now part of ASI Solutions. Gerald’s relationship with his account team has transitioned smoothly and seamlessly into ASI.

“ASI helped us install three new Lenovo HX nodes into the Nutanix system”, says Gerald. “They provided really valuable help and support, working to migrate from the old platform to new.” With ASI’s help, Sanity managed the upgrade really smoothly, with zero impact to service levels for the business or its customers.

The Nutanix platform helps Gerald to free up staff hours that were previously spent managing technology. “Nutanix is so easy to use and maintain. That means that I can focus on other parts of the infrastructure – for example, looking at hybrid cloud and other new initiatives in the IT space.”

“Sanity is focusing on e-commerce, and particularly on plugging into other market places like eBay and Catch”, he explains. “We want to grow our range and offer our product on more platforms to more customers. I can now spend more time on supporting those business initiatives, and ultimately supporting the growth of the business.”

Gerald values the support that Sanity gets from ASI: “Whenever we have any challenges, they are the first ones to help us. They always come back with recommendations that suit our business. They are a fantastic support to Sanity, by providing technology and expertise that makes a tangible difference to us achieving our business goals.”

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