ForwardIT can customise a communication solution to FIT your business needs, reduce your office phone costs, simplify your connections and give you greater flexibility in how you manage your telephone systems including conferencing and mobile devices.

We offer:

A future ready , high value and customisable Office IP PBX communications solution that will allow you to get the most out of your business communications.
It is designed for organisations with 5 to 100 staff and is a managed solution of Network, Internet and Telephony services. No longer will you have to deal with multiple communication system and service providers.

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Connects your IP PBX or our VOIP PBX solution to the public telephone network.

  • Replace analogue lines with a simpler and more cost effective solution
  • Reduce equipment, line and carriage costs
  • Merge voice and data networks to reduce costs and better use of bandwith
  • Quality equal to a landline
  • Supports: voice, fax, eftpos, dial-up modem and TTY calls.

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With our Inbound Service (13/1300/1800 non-geographic numbers) calls can be:

  • made to the Service from a mobile or fixed line phone from anywhere in Australia; and
  • terminated at Your nominated Access Site anywhere in Australia or overseas.

The types of numbers offered by the Service are:

  • 13xxxx (6 digits);
  • 1300xxxxxx (10 digits); and
  • 1800xxxxxx (10 digits).

Callers pay no call charge when calling a Service prefixed with 1800 and pay a flat rate when calling a Service prefixed with 13 and 1300.  There are exceptions to this, including for calls made to a Service from mobiles or from international locations.

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A NBN Phone allows you to make phone calls over an NBN internet connection. Continue to use your existing plain of telephone devices and connect it into the dedicated phone socket on the NBN box. See here for more information on the NBN equipment required.

The NBN Box comes with an optional battery backup to keep your NBN phone going if you experience a power outage for up to 11 hours!

You can simplify you billing and have a single bill for NBN phone and NBN Internet with ForwardIT. See some of our NBN internet plans.

Our NBN Phone plans require an active NBN Fibre to the Premises service. Contact us for more information

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