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Surface Hub Loan Program

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Surface devices for the Modern Workplace
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ASI Managed Services can assist your IT transition
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Microsoft Solutions

ASI Solutions is proud to work closely with Microsoft to bring you a range of solutions for the deployment in schools & businesses Australia wide.

ASI Solutions is proud to be a Gold Partner and as such we can offer our customers the full range of Surface products along with a range of deployment and management services to ensure you are making the most out of your IT investment.


ASI Surface Hub 2S Loan Program

The ASI Surface Hub Loan Program is a premium service offer by ASI Solutions to help our customers experience the Surface Hub 2S.

The loan program allows our customers to evaluate a Surface Hub 2S as a proof of concept within their environment for two weeks because the Surface Hub is a device you have to experience to truly understand its capabilities.

During the evaluation period, ASI Solutions will help you deploy the unit onto your network so it can be tested as a company asset, provide training for the IT team and end-users adoption training to ensure you maximise the trial period and will work with you to understand potential use cases and best practices.


Fill in the form to contact the ASI Microsoft Solutions team about booking your Surface Hub 2S loan.

Surface Hub Adoption Training

ASI Solutions offers Microsoft Surface Hub Adoption Training to help improve awareness, adoption, and utilisation for the Surface Hub.

Our Surface Hub adoption sessions provide a clear plan for the end-user, executive and IT training.

Improve User Experience

Organisations face the challenge of creating an effective remote work experience for their users, whether it is seeking IT support or the limitations that come with nonportable devices, heavy portable devices, or low-battery life devices.

Microsoft 365 and Surface devices bring the ultimate premium experience for users to enhance productivity and collaboration. It enables the workforce to work effectively regardless of location or time zone, taking your work beyond four walls and creating a modern remote office.

Boost Employee Productivity
Surface devices come with a variety of features that enhance employees’ productivity, including biometric login with Windows Hello, the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side, extended battery life, portability, the ability to work in traditional laptop mode, as a tablet, and in studio mode on 2-in-1 Surface devices, and the ability to conduct IT maintenance without disrupting employees’ workflows.
Streamline IT workflows 
IT environments are becoming even more complex due to the variety of devices needing to be provisioned and managed, intensive infrastructure and requirements, and the numerous helpdesk tickets raised and security measures needed to protect increasingly remote workforces. M365 + Enterprise mobility and security and the built-in security features in Surface devices improve IT efficiency, reduce overall IT and support costs, eliminate device, application, and infrastructure sprawl, while also simplifying the experience for end users.
Surface Devices

Where you and your team work today may be different, but your need for power, performance, reliability, security and versatility in your devices hasn’t changed.

The Surface portfolio supports flexible work environments and diverse roles within any organisation. From 2-in-1 devices that enable greater mobility with 4G LTE, to powerful laptops for intensive tasks, Surface is designed to support work from anywhere.

Microsoft recently announced updates to the Surface portfolio! As the Surface lineup expands to meet the needs of more roles, you have options for making sure your employees have the devices they need and the security you depend on.

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Modern Deployment & Management

Surface and Microsoft 365 – Better Together

With Microsoft Intune and Autopilot, you can give new devices to your end users without the need to build, maintain, and apply custom operating system images to the devices. When you use Intune to manage Autopilot devices, you can manage policies, profiles, apps, and more after they're enrolled.

User Adoption Training

At ASI Solutions we believe in supporting our customers through their tech transformations.

We want every aspect of your experience with Surface products to be as simple and intuitive as the products themselves. That starts with support for IT at each step of your deployment and then moves to user adoption training and professional development to ensure you achieve your goals using technology to enhance best practice.

Microsoft Solutions Practice

Meet our Team
Huy Hy
Microsoft Practice Manager

Prior to joining ASI as the Microsoft Practice Manager, Huy spent 4 years in-house with Microsoft as a Surface Solutions Specialist. Huy leads the team in building and enabling Microsoft solutions to ASI customers, specialising in end-to-end deployment and is passionate about helping my customers realise the potential of Surface and M365.


Connie Li
Microsoft Solution Specialist

Coming from an Education background, Connie's purpose is to drive better learning outcomes for teachers and students by leveraging Microsoft services and Surface in education. Having worked as a teacher in secondary schools as well as a Microsoft Education Expert, Connie is passionate about empowering educators and students to achieve more with technology for better education outcomes.


Aldo Losurdo
Microsoft Solution Specialist

Having worked in the technology space for over 10 years, Aldo is a self-confessed geek who loves helping his customers get the most out of their technology. With a rich history working with Microsoft on their M365 and Surface portfolio's, Aldo has a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping customers transform to a modern workplace.

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