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ASI Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, further expands its end-to-end solution capability by acquiring Tablet PC, the expert in Microsoft tablet and productivity training. This acquisition will help customers of ASI Solutions move to a modern workplace through streamlined access to end-user adoption training and education to help maximise their return on investment in Microsoft solutions. 

Nathan Lowe, managing director, ASI Solutions, said, “The increase in remote working and the move to the modern workplace have required employees to become more confident with using advanced technology daily, including devices and software. Ensuring staff members are well-equipped and set up to use this technology is crucial for an organisation’s productivity. Therefore, education and training play a crucial role in an organisation’s ability to gain maximum ROI from new technology. ASI Solutions delivers a consulting and solutions-based offering to customers and the Tablet PC acquisition will further bolster this capability in a highly complementary way.” 

The acquisition of Tablet PC will mean that ASI Solutions customers will have immediate access to industry-leading training, adoption, and cultural change services. This will ensure customers have the right skillset to move to the modern workplace successfully.  

ASI Solutions chose Tablet PC because its training and consulting capabilities aligned closely with ASI Solutions requirements. ASI Solutions has grown its Microsoft practice significantly in the past two years, so adding the training capability through Tablet PC was a natural progression. ASI Solutions will continue to invest in this space in the future.  

Nathan Lowe said, “There was a strong cultural fit between ASI Solutions and Tablet PC, with both organisations being family-run businesses with similar values and culture. That was an important part of the decision to acquire Tablet PC, because it means the teams will merge seamlessly. The integration will be completed quickly, with the team anticipating it will be complete by the end of April 2022.” 

With significant growth in the Microsoft practice and continual strategic focus on this area, ASI Solutions has added new specialists and expanded its footprint into Victoria and Queensland. The business has also increased its technical capabilities. The Tablet PC acquisition is powerful because it means the ASI Solutions team can offer customers an all-in-one deployment that delivers benefits sooner because it helps teams get business productivity gains from their devices immediately. 



Brett Gilbertson, director, Tablet PC, said, “Both ASI Solutions and Tablet PC have strong relationships with Microsoft. And like Microsoft, we are aligned with the mission to help every person and organisation to achieve more on the Microsoft platform. This acquisition shows how focused ASI Solutions is on helping its customers to maximise the value of their Microsoft investment. The sudden transition to the modern hybrid workplace has been tough for many organisations and, with this partnership, we’re incredibly excited to be able to turn challenges into positive change. Both teams are excited about working closely together to achieve this.” 


ASI Solutions does not anticipate any staffing changes as a result of the acquisition, with all current Tablet PC staff members set to remain in their roles. Brett Gilbertson and Mathew Gilbertson will step into the management team at ASI Solutions, which continues to be led by directors Nathan Lowe and Justin Lowe.  

About ASI Solutions 

ASI Solutions has been a provider of innovative and pioneering technology solutions to Australian private and public sector organisations for over 35 years. ASI Solutions specialises in all areas of IT within the customer’s business, from hardware and software procurement to complete managed services. It’s a holistic solution for everything customers need, from a team that not only has the skills and expertise, but also the genuine commitment to deliver outcome-based solutions for customers. 

ASI Solutions delivers: end-to-end solutions; a team of specialists; collaboration and trust; innovative technologies; and boundless possibilities. 

About Tablet PC 

Tablet PC is a trusted supplier of devices and training to many of Australia’s largest organisations in government, utilities, banking and finance, mining and engineering. Tablet PC is driven to help customers to achieve more on the Microsoft hardware and software platform. Its training courses and coaching programs are designed to help people to discover what is possible with modern tools, and to develop and hone the digital skills that their teams need to thrive.  


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