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your company data securely

  • Secure data collaboration

  • Assured compliance

  • Automated lifecycle management

Automated Deployment + Management of IT Resources and work group environments

Workgroup Builder enables non-IT staff to request secure cloud infrastructure resources and workgroups from IT for their projects, then rapidly deploy them.

Traditional workflows based on legacy technology are often inefficient, costly, and less secure. Workgroup Builder transforms this by:

  • reducing deployment time from months to weeks
  • securing data within the company’s Microsoft tenant
  • simplifying cross-institutional collaboration with streamlined guest invitation processes
  • adjusting to accommodate growth with an affordable pay-as-you-go model
  • maintaining regulatory compliance with regular verification of environments and access

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Empower your IT project development with Workgroup Builder

Operations Managers

Workgroup Builder empowers business staff with an intuitive self-help user interface that allows them to design and request their ideal collaboration environment.

IT Departments

Workgroup Builder is a secure, flexible, and easy-to-manage interface within the Azure environment. It addresses the challenges of data governance, compliance, and shadow IT practices, by automating the provisioning of IT resources for research teams, after authorisation by IT.

Empower team leaders to rapidly request and manage a secure workgroup environment with collaboration tools

Workgroup Builder offers highly secure data storage within the tenant environment.  It enables seamless collaboration, simple administration, easy scalability and compliance, using the organisation’s familiar Microsoft storage and collaboration tools. Workgroup Builder does not provide any infrastructure – we provide the organisation with an IT tool that authorises self-service provisioning and management of their own data environment.

About ASI Solutions

Since 1985, ASI Solutions has transformed IT capabilities through strategic planning, cost-efficiency, and contract flexibility. With national expertise, we deliver tailored, comprehensive solutions to meet your current and future needs.

Workplace Builder is an integral part of our suite of solutions designed to elevate your IT experience.

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