Genazzano FCJ College Case Study

The Genazzano College utilise Clevertouch and ASI Solutions to attain the best learning experience!

Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic girls’ school in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Kew. It teaches and inspires 900 students, from early learning to year 12, achieving outstanding academic results that put them in the top 5% of schools in Victoria.


Genazzano has built a culture of success and personal achievement and is proud of its innovative approach to teaching and learning. The college embraces technology in the classroom to enhance learning outcomes. So when the interactive whiteboards the college had used for many years came to the end of their life, Genazzano decided not to simply replace them, but to take the opportunity to create classrooms of the future.

Genazzano’s teachers have a range of teaching styles and the college wanted to ensure that the technology they selected supported this diversity. Teachers wanted to deliver more dynamic, interactive lessons, to share information readily with students and to engage pupils with their teaching materials.


The college’s ICT committee, along with key staff, and the head of facilities went through a detailed evaluation, including an on-site trial. The clear winner from this process was Clevertouch Interactive Panels.

The college installed an initial 20 Clevertouch panels for the start of the 2020 academic year. Despite reduced classroom time in 2020, this pilot generated very positive feedback that the panels significantly enhanced teaching and learning. By the start of the 2021 academic year, the college had expanded the rollout to put a panel in almost every one of its 70-plus classrooms.

Genazzano were supported throughout the project by ASI, Clevertouch’s distributor and implementation partner. ASI, itself founded by two teachers, specialises in helping schools to harness the power of technology for education.

“From the moment we were introduced to ASI”, says Brett “we started to build a strong working relationship. They really understood what we were trying to achieve in the classrooms. Our account manager, Alex, was fantastic, and the ASI installation team did an amazing job. ASI also provides us with ongoing technical support, warranty cover and training.”

Two of ASI’s technicians worked on-site at the college for a week during the installation project. ASI delivered a professional development program to show teachers what the panels are capable of and to inspire them to think of ways they can use the technology to engage their students.

“ASI not only understood our teaching goals, but they were fully supportive of the logistical demands of the project – such as the fact that this project embraced not only IT installation, but delivery, removalists, carpenters, electricians. There were a lot of moving parts. Our timelines were demanding too, as we needed everything in place for the start of the school year.”

Customer outcome

With the Clevertouch Interactive Panels installed across the college, Genazzano is rapidly seeing the full benefits of their decision.

“With panels in every classroom, we have a consistency that makes it easier for teachers as they move around the school”, says Brett.

“Teachers love the way that the system is so quick and easy to use”, he goes on. “The Clevertouch panels are ready to use almost instantly they’re switched on, and with a single PIN, the system identifies and connects to the teacher’s device. The Clevershare wireless mirroring means teachers don’t need to tether their laptop to the panel with a cable, freeing them to teach from anywhere in the room.”

“At the end of a lesson, teachers can use the system’s QR codes to very simply capture teaching material from the panel and send it to students for their home study or revision. They have so much more flexibility in how they present their lessons, and adapt them to the girls’ needs.”

“Some teachers want to replicate the way they used whiteboards – and the Clevertouch panels allow them to do that, although we find they are rapidly embracing the newer features.”

“The panels also play an important role as digital signage” Brett adds. “For example, during the VCE period, the Head of year 12 used the Clevermessage feature to centrally manage sending information about exams, along with messages of encouragement to the girls.”

Next steps

The move to Clevertouch Interactive Panels, supported by ASI, has been a very positive one for Genazzano. The implementation of Clevertouch within the school has dramatically increased the level of technology within the classroom and is increasing productivity and engagement from teachers and students alike.

“With this project”, says Brett, “we are maintaining our focus on innovation and on using technology to drive improved learning outcomes for our girls. We’re all about educational excellence and our Clevertouch Panels are another step on that journey.”