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ASI Solutions, a leading technology provider across ANZ, has invested further in its modern workplace solutions by launching a dedicated data practice.  

The ASI Solutions Data Practice will help organisations unlock the power of their data through improved data literacy, business intelligence, data visualisation techniques, information management and advanced reporting services. This leads to better decision making, growth, and compliance.

Our Data team also assist our customers to enhance Productivity through modern document management techniques, enhanced collaboration solutions, business process improvement and strong data governance.

We’ve developed this data practice to help businesses make the most of their data and hone their processes, so they operate more efficiently and with purpose. We look forward to helping companies gain greater insights and savings from their data!

Contact ASI Solutions today to find out how our data practice can help your business work more productively.



Discover, harness + validate data throughout your business

You need to: keep on top of daily end user support; manage the latest security issues; monitor your hardware lifecycle; backup important data; and gain full visibility into the equipment that exists on your network and whether it presents a risk to your business.

With ASI Solutions data automation, you’ll get:


  • Document Management
  • Intranet
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Process Automation
  • AI powered Bots
  • Business App Development
  • Governance

Data Management

  • Discovery
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced reporting
  • Data Science (AI/ML)
  • Governance

Unlock the power of collaboration with Sharepoint and Teams

Data is the oxygen of digital transformation​

Use your data to drive digital transformation with ASI Solutions and the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform​.

Data is an incredible asset, but companies must bring together their organisation-wide data estate to accelerate the creation of value from that data.

Companies need to empower their entire organisation to apply data in a responsible and safe way.

But first, organisations must unify their data estate across many data silos. ASI Solutions and the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform can help achieve all of this.

Harness the power of transformation analytics

Organisations that fully embrace data-driven transformations not only witness a remarkable 54% growth in revenue and profits, but also experience a significant 44% acceleration in time to market improvement compared to their counterparts. Data lies at the heart of an organisation’s growth, yet the sheer magnitude, diversity, and speed at which data is generated pose significant challenges in terms of efficient management, processing, and analysis.

Turn data into insights

Our data and automation solutions revolutionise paper-based processes into secure digital workflows, enabling remote workers to access data instantly. We seamlessly integrate with core systems, providing insights into performance and improvement areas. By combining process and system data, we deliver rich management analytics for informed decision-making, enhancing productivity in today’s digital landscape.






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