Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face a common challenge: doing more with less. Amid increasing customer demands and fewer resources, many are considering the cloud as a potential solution. However, the cloud’s role and benefits for SMBs are often clouded by myths and misconceptions.  

At ASI Solutions, we believe in a ‘cycle of work’ methodology, where the right tools and solutions drive seamless productivity. To clear up these misconceptions, and help you understand the true value of the cloud for SMBs, we’ve debunked 10 technology myths.

Myth #1: Technology is just an IT problem  

Fact: the impact of cloud technology goes beyond the IT department. For SMBs, the cloud can drive mission-critical efficiencies throughout your organisation, ensuring every facet of business, from sales to customer support, operates smoothly. Tools like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Business Premium make this possible without needing a large IT team. And, as workplaces evolve and the technology landscape dramatically shifts, ASI Solutions Modern Desktop Services can ensure your employees are equipped with the right technology, applications, updates, patches, and security to keep your operations smooth and efficient.

Myth #2: The cloud will break the bank  

Fact: think again: Microsoft, like many cloud service producers, often offers promotions and cost-effective packages tailored for SMBs. This means embracing cloud solutions might end up being more cost-efficient for your business in the long run, especially when you factor in the reduced need for physical infrastructure and IT management.

Myth #3: Cloud migration is too complex 

Fact: transitioning to the cloud can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. As a Microsoft leading partner, ASI Solutions specialises in making migrations as straightforward as possible, whether you’re moving from an on-premises setup or switching from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. We work closely with Microsoft’s tools and services to customise a migration plan that fits your pace and operational needs.

Myth #4: The cloud needs a constant internal connection 

Fact: the beauty of Microsoft 365 and many other cloud services is adaptability: while they can offer real-time collaboration when online, they’re also designed for offline productivity. Whether your team is on a site with no Wi-Fi or working remotely from areas with unstable connections, the cloud ensures that the work goes on. And once back online, everything syncs seamlessly.

Myth #5: Regular updates will disrupt my business operations  

Fact: on the contrary, updates in cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 are designed to enhance, not hinder, your business processes. Continuous updates mean you always have the latest tools and security patches. And, while these updates roll out, they’re designed to play well with other software applications, ensuring smooth operation.

Myth #6: Keeping data on-premises is safer than keeping it in the cloud 

Fact: Microsoft 365 offers robust security with a 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee. Its comprehensive security technologies, from Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 to Microsoft Azure Security Centre, ensure your data is protected whether on-premises or in the cloud. But technology is only part of the equation. ASI Solutions security services enhances your organisation’s security posture through a range of services, including strategic security consultancy, in-depth security assessments, and specialised end-user training. Together, these elements form a comprehensive security strategy designed to keep your organisation, systems, network, data, and users secure.

Myth #7: There’s nothing I can personally do about security 

Fact: security is everyone’s responsibility. A single mouse click can sometimes lead to devastating data breaches. As the 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found, 74 per cent of data breaches had a human factor. Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps reduce risks, ensuring even personal devices maintain a consistent security level. However, the best defence goes beyond software. ASI Solutions offers security experts who work with you to pinpoint your unique needs, whether that’s a comprehensive security plan or targeted solutions. A key part of our strategy involves developing a “human firewall” by training your team to serve as an effective first line of defence.

Myth #8: Learning new technology requires training that isn’t in our budget 

Fact: you can empower your staff to advance your mission with cloud-powered technology by taking advantage of many free and low-cost courses, demos, and training. Microsoft provides cost-effective training programs for various experience levels, helping teams harness the power of tools like Microsoft 365 and Azure. The ASI Solutions Training team offers coaching and training, backed by research, that can help you achieve greater success and productivity. Our training programs are designed to walk teams through relevant devices and software, from the basics through to more advanced skills, grounding their personal digital development.

Myth #9: IT must be the data gatekeeper 

Fact: the age of data democratisation has arrived. Microsoft 365 ensures that even non-technical authorised users can securely access and share digital information without a gatekeeper. Azure services further amplify this by enhancing data discoverability and sharing capabilities. With tools like Microsoft Teams, collaboration across teams, projects, or even globally dispersed units becomes straightforward and efficient. 

To complement these offerings, ASI Solutions Data Practice helps businesses like yours harness the potential of data by enhancing data literacy and implementing superior business intelligence tools, as well as providing advanced data visualisation techniques, meticulous information management, and in-depth reporting services.

Myth #10: New technology and automation will eliminate jobs 

Fact: the purpose of integrating automation and technology is not to replace human resources, but to augment their capabilities. Reducing manual tasks lets staff concentrate on tasks that necessitate a human touch. For SMBs, this means optimising workflows, improving productivity, and enhancing customer experiences.

The cloud is ready when you are, and so are we 

Navigating the digital landscape can be challenging, especially with numerous myths surrounding cloud technology for SMBs. With ASI Solutions by your side, you’re not just gaining access to state-of-the-art tools like Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Azure, you’re investing in a partner who believes in a people-first approach. We understand that every SMB is unique and we’re committed to tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. 

To find out how ASI Solutions can help you harness the power of the cloud and do more with less, contact the team today.