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Back in February this year, we made an important announcement – we had completed the acquisition of Australia and New Zealand based IT services firm, BEarena, adding them to our growing family.

This is great news for all of us at ASI Solutions and hopefully for you, our clients. Adding BEarena to our roster means strengthening and enhancing our suite of solutions, including Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), as well as Microsoft 365 BaaS.

These new products from ASI Solutions are powered by Veeam Software, one of the leaders in the cloud and backup market for Australia, New Zealand and right across the Asia-Pacific region. Following the acquisition, I had to learn all about Veeam Software and what makes them tick, gaining the insight I needed so that I could pass it directly on to you.

This began with the M365 BaaS service, or Backup for Microsoft 365.

What I’ve learned about M365 BAAS

Microsoft 365 is a valuable solution, especially when it is properly backed up
Australia is the world’s third biggest adopter of Microsoft’s 365 solution, behind the USA and the UK. A great many businesses have put their faith in Microsoft’s software, and with good reason – the suite of applications is incredibly useful in supporting enterprises as they hit their long- and short-term objectives.

However, this does not mean that there are no problems or vulnerabilities associated with the solution. A survey conducted by Veeam found that as many as 18% of users had experienced some kind of security threat, either from an internal or an external source, while utilising M365. This underlines the need for a proper backup.

User errors can, and do, happen
You have a strong team of super-talented individuals, ready to push your business onwards. However, those team members, just like all of us, and everyone on this planet, are human, and humans make mistakes.

User error such as accidental deletion of users or files can be problematic for businesses. In fact, 37% of M365 users have experienced data loss due to user error, even when using a cloud solution. Backing up keeps your data safe, and your teams protected.

Your team needs to be serious about compliance
Your compliance requirements may vary depending on what industry you operate in, but one thing remains the same – the penalties for failing to comply can be seriously steep.

Simply using Microsoft 365 is not enough to guarantee compliance. Instead, you need an active backup solution that ensures you are operating within law and regulation alike, on a long term basis.

Microsoft 365’s own backup solutions are incomplete
There are backup features built into the M365 suite, but they do not represent a comprehensive set of solutions. These features deal with situational data loss, to an extent, but there is no point-in-time restoration feature for things like mailbox items, and no policy for long term retention of backed up data.

Our newly-acquired, Veeam-powered backup solution plugs these gaps nicely.

The Advantages of M365 BAAS
Let’s quickly recap with condensed rundown of the advantages of M365 BaaS.
• Robust protection against data loss and business downtime
• Managed transition from your old solution to Microsoft 365
• Evolving legal and regulatory compliance measures, to ensure ongoing compliance
• Comprehensive set of recovery options, complimenting a truly comprehensive backup solution
• The opportunity to leverage the very best from Microsoft 365, just as you should from any solution you use

No one wants to get caught out when it comes to data. No one would choose to put their data, and therefore their business, at risk. And yet, many businesses operate risky strategies when it comes to backing-up and taking care of business-critical information.

By working with Veeam, and by enhancing our portfolio with BEarena’s solutions, we aim to make it easier for businesses looking to bolster their data practices, while still squeezing all the advantage they can from a great solution like Microsoft 365.


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