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Sydney, Tuesday 16th July 2019

ASI Solutions announced continued strong financial growth, a stream of new client wins, combined with a focus on customer experience and further expansion plans, in its summary of a highly successful 2019 financial year.

Client wins fueling overall growth
For ASI Solutions, 2019 was a year of significant wins that saw a solid growth to $87m, up almost 5% on the 2018 financial year.

This growth was founded on a series of high profile winning tenders, netting ASI new contracts including:

  • Victorian Government
    – End user Computing Contract
    – Panel contract to supply Microsoft & Apple
  • Monash Health EMR Project
  • Private School success in Managed & Security services.
  • LVMH – Retail sites and services
  • Malwarebytes
  • SGS Australia
  • Department of Education NSW

The growth is all the more remarkable as it represents a significant turnaround from the decline that was forecast part way through the financial year.

Nathan Lowe, Managing Director, ASI Solutions, said, “This growth in 2019 has been a tremendous result for the entire organisation. The company was forecasting a decline due to a major vendor’s changed distribution model, but has turned this around to increase sales with that vendor through a reseller model that focuses on end user engagement.”

Managed Services continues to shine
Within the overall growth story, ASI’s Managed Services division was an outstanding success. An aggressive strategy across its three core sectors of Education, Government and Corporate paid off, seeing the division’s revenue grow by 18% in the 2019 financial year. ‘As-a-service’ offerings continue to appeal to clients in these sectors and ASI’s highly structured approach and skilled team have positioned themselves to take full advantage of this market trend. The past year has seen ASI add security-as-a-service to further strengthen its managed services portfolio.

New clients include LWMW & Private schools, many won from the more traditional players in this space; a testament to ASI’s strategy of focusing not purely on technology, but on client business objectives.

A focus on customer experience
ASI’s success is due in no small part to its laser focus on customer experience. Following last year’s announcement of the appointment of Jason Eaton as Head of Customer Experience, ASI has this year strengthened that focus by establishing a customer advisory board. The board, with representatives from all ASI’s core industries will meet bi-annually.
“ASI Solutions’ continued growth is heavily dependent on how well the company understands and recognises our customer’s need, and on how well we deliver on solving their pain points’’ said Nathan.

“We’re excited about the Board, which allows us to hear straight from our key customers. They know us well and the Board will be a forum for invaluable feedback on where we can help, and on where they see opportunity for future improvements and further enhancements.’’

An expanding team to support the larger client base
The 2019 financial year saw ASI further strengthen its Australian team, adding staff in Perth, Armidale and Townsville to support its ever expanding customer base in the west and in regional Australia. Victoria has seen significant new wins, and the team there has grown accordingly, with a team now based in ASI’s Melbourne office. Offshore, ASI has expanded its Support Desk team in Manila. The offshore team works closely with the Australian Support Desk to ensure seamless 24/7 customer support.

Future growth plans
ASI’s growth to date has been organic, but the business is exploring further growth through acquisitions, including the possibility of expanding into overseas markets in the next financial year.

“The business is looking at acquisitions in the 2020 new financial year and we’re open to this across Australia and New Zealand. In saying that, any acquisition needs to fit and be a partnership for everyone involved. As a business we recognise it is important to grow but it’s also important to us as an organisation that we maintain the current company culture as we do so. The business has always been successful based on our core values, and on our ability to be flexible and agile in the market. This is not something we want to ever change and something our customers tell us they value”, said Nathan.

This growth in 2019 has been a tremendous result for the entire organisation. The company was forecasting a decline due to a major vendor’s changed distribution model, but has turned this around to increase sales with that vendor through a reseller model that focuses on end user engagement.

Nathan Lowe, Managing Director, ASI Solutions

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