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ASI Solutions provides innovative technology solutions to mid-market Australian private and public sector organisations. They solve real-world business issues with a technology portfolio from industry-leading vendors, coupled with their expertise and services.

ASI’s portfolio spans big data, cloud services, mobility, digital transformation, security and disaster recovery. With a national footprint, ASI helps organisations from metro to regional Australia.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about ASI, especially as an operator in the demanding technology sector, is that they are 35 years old and still going from strength to strength.

The 2020 financial year saw ASI pass $90m in revenue, finalise two acquisitions that puts the group over the $120m mark, move into New Zealand, streamline its operations and successfully navigate a global pandemic.


ASI has expanded its expertise and technology offering through two exciting acquisitions. Both of these businesses have brought sensational people and skillsets into the ASI family.

BEArena is a specialist provider of virtual infrastructure, public and hybrid cloud solutions, managed services, and back-up and disaster recovery platforms. The acquisition has enabled ASI to grow its cloud services portfolio and adds a strong base of customers in New Zealand.
Forward IT is a Canberra based provider of hardware, software and managed services. Their knowledge of the Canberra market, particularly Government, strengthens ASI’s expertise in this important segment.


Mid-market businesses face a range of challenges. They are often in a highly competitive environment, always needing to stay one step ahead of their rivals. In 2020, these challenges were heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. This drove an unprecedented increase in demand for some, whilst for others it triggered the need to pivot.

In 2020, as for the last 35 years, ASI adapts rapidly to client needs and addresses these challenges. They bring together the best platforms and applications to deliver digital transformation, automation and accessibility to data in real time, helping their customers to survive and thrive.

Throughout the year, ASI has continued to help mid-market customers to access information anywhere, anytime; increase their productivity, organisational agility and enterprise growth; control costs; optimise their IT systems, applications and infrastructure; manage security, integrity, compliance and risk; and innovate for excellence.

In the past 12 months, this approach has won them new clients including Metricon Homes, Victorian College of the Deaf and Peddars Group. ASI has also been successful in landing Government contracts in Queensland, Tasmania, ACT, NSW and Victoria.


With a focus on supporting customers through industry best practice, ASI has invested in a new ERP system, delivering operational efficiencies which flow on into an improved customer experience.
For many organisations, especially in the public sector, their goals include social and environmental transformation. ASI delivers benefit to them by being a true partner, aligning itself with their aspirations. Through ASI’s own commitment to sound social and environmental practices, they help their mid-market clients deliver theirs.


ASI’s staff are at the heart of delivering customer value and they have continued to invest significantly in their people. During the COVID-19 lockdown, they supported staff to transition (in just one week) to a fully remote workplace. They implemented a staff engagement program to ensure every team member was supported with constant communication, collaboration and feedback. They have negotiated the pandemic with zero reduction in headcount and no impact on customer support.
ASI places its values, as ever, at the heart of its business. Clients, partners, vendors and staff alike all value working with an ethical and responsible organisation – everything ASI does is underpinned by its values:

Dare to be different
Our word is our bond
One in, all in
Do it right the first time
Family matters


The value and success that ASI delivers to its customers is reflected in ASI’s own achievements. Its expansion and growth has seen ASI achieve another year of record financials with consolidated earnings up 40% significantly at $120m. This demonstrates ASI’s desire to exceed clients’ expectations and is a testament to their commitment to customer value.



The future looks bright for ASI. The 2021 financial year will see it continue to focus on:

Integrating its two new businesses into the ASI family
Growing the company’s presence in New Zealand
Considering options for further acquisitions across Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and exploring the idea of a regional presence
ASI’s success has always been founded on its ability to adapt, from PC manufacturer to an end-to-end Solutions Provider. It’s a strategy that sees it going from strength to strength at the grand old age of 35 and, no doubt, well beyond.


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