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Clevertouch has been introduced to education in NZ alongside the Ministry of education as Partners of Ulearn20.


What a ride!

Clevertouch has been introduced to education in NZ alongside the Ministry of education as Partners of Ulearn20.

First we updated teachers with how you didn’t need to be a coder to make digital classroom activities. You could make your own by dragging and dropping or using thousands of already made activities in every age group and subject available on the Clevertouch.

An introduction into ASI asked the question, “What would you do in your classroom to improve the students learning experience” Why ask this question? Easy, it provides us with something to work on as a solution. ASI is nothing without problems. In education, we have been solving problems for many educators and students across Australia for 35 years. We are a company looking for trouble.

Then we had a 25-minute spot to detail how classrooms can be more engaging at 11.15 am.

For this, I focused on three things.

1. How to use the board to interact with students

2. How you can create engaging content

3. How you can lower teacher homework using digital tools

However at the 10-minute mark, I had a producer show me on a box that had a number, it looked it read 160 which was the number of people watching the session. That was more than I expected for the session. 25 minutes went fast before I knew it was 12 pm… I focused on more than three things.

We covered off how to make activities at home and how you can use them in the classroom with Lynx. What a great piece of software! This is so easy to use and get resources that are curated for the classroom. Yes, all resources from Youtube and google images have already been scanned for use in a classroom. This means you can do an open search for imagery and videos to help tell stories that will make sense to everyone in the room.

Why is video important for the classroom? First, you need to understand why Youtube is now NZs most-watched media, over all TV and media options. With millions of videos, online people are able to find many others who are like them, have their perspective, humour or learning style.

Youtube maybe a great way to engage with students as it adds more perspectives into the classroom.

Now how can you tell if people are engaged in class and remotely? Easy you can use a quiz like kahoots. Download an app and off you go after you log in and add a gaming number.

Or you can do a quick quiz from the Clevertouch with no software to download as all you need is a mobile device that can scan the QR code and you are in the quiz. No friction of a download or a code to play, just a quick scan. As a teacher you can make the Quiz on your laptop the night before and the great thing about digital content, you can use it anywhere that there is a Clevertouch panel.

Making content is tough for anyone new to digital, which is why you can go to the Clevertouch to have access to thousands of already made activities for specific age groups and subjects. You can literally plan a weeks lesson activities in 30 minutes. Select your age group and go to the subjects and click on any of the thousands of activities and if you wanted to make changes to make them more Aotearoa then make the changes.

You can flip the classroom and send out the activities as homework which will be scored immediately giving instant feedback like the quiz does so students will know if change is required.

I could go on, as I obviously did in my 45 min session which was booked for 25 mins.


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