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Enhance productivity and user experience with M365

Most of us use Office 365 on a daily basis. Applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have long been used in Education whether it is an essay, narrative creation or delivering an informative and engaging presentation.


1. Tell Me

If you are completely new to Office 365, or you have been using an older version of Office, you may find that the features you’re used to using or seeing might no longer be where they were.Or if you’ve sat through some training can’t recall where to find a certain feature, the “Tell Me” or search tool acts as a navigator to help you find what you need. As the name suggest, “Tell Me” is Microsoft Office’s way of asking “how can I help?
Whether you’re looking for a tool, feature, or function, simply start typing into “Tell Me” or the search bar and M365 will do the rest.

2. Ink to Text

Another one of my productivity favourites is “ink to text” in OneNote.  I like to scribble my thoughts and ideas with my Surface Pen as it helps with my creative flow. With that being said, my handwriting is not the most legible. “Ink to text” is a tool that converts your handwriting into text where you can then modify and edit with your keyboard allowing you to being your work across other applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

3. Dictation

Every individual has their own preferred way of learning and creating.  For students who have difficulty writing or spelling or embarking on their journey to learning punctuations, “Dictate” is a fantastic tool for learnings to voice their thoughts and ideas and transform that into writing.

You can find this tool in Microsoft Word in the ‘Home’ tab. There are also 21 different languages and dialects to choose from.  For students that are learning English as an additional language/dialect, they can express their thoughts in their own language and use the ‘Translate’ tool to convert it into the target language.

You can build this tool into your lesson plan by grouping students into pairs and have them recount their great weekend or holidays and ensure that they have use the correct punctuation through peer-to-peer feedback.

There are plenty more awesome features within Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10 for productivity and building inclusive classrooms for diverse learners. Reach out to find out how we can help you get the most out of your Microsoft technology.

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