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Looking to update legacy smart boards with new interactive panels.


The school went with Clevertouch on the advice of ASI Solutions


Clevertouch results in engaged students and teachers.

Horsley Park Public is a small primary school, situated in the semi-rural outskirts of Sydney. It attracts a diverse cohort, including families from rural properties and those from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The school consists of eight classes, four mainstream and four providing support for children with autism and intellectual disabilities.

Out with the old, in with the new

Horsley Park has used smart boards in the classrooms for some years, but these were getting very old and the school was looking to replace them. “We started investigating, to see what was out there in the market”, says Leearna Borg, STEM coordinator and teacher at Horsley Park. “It had been such a long time since we bought our original boards and we knew that technology had moved on considerably. We wanted to make sure we were fully informed before making a decision.”

The school had already engaged with ASI in the past and knew they were experts in educational technology, so they went to Shantel Wilson for advice. “She told us all about the Clevertouch”, says Leearna, “and it sounded like the perfect match for our requirements. We were sold.”


“What we really loved was the interactivity of the Clevertouch”, confirms Leearna. “Particularly the way that a teacher could annotate the teaching material during a lesson and have those notes saved straight into the Google shared drive for the students to access. Whether they were teaching using a website, online documents, the teacher’s own notes – they could add notes or diagrams. It was so useful, especially during covid – staff could enhance teaching materials and share them instantly with the students.”

The school has six new Clevertouch interactive boards – in the mainstream classrooms and the library. The boards in the support unit classes were more recent and still function well, but will eventually be upgraded to new Clevertouch units.

A complete support service

“ASI not only provided us with the boards, but they took care of everything, from installation to training”, says Leearna. “All our boards are wall mounted, and ASI coordinated all the work to get them in place, including taking away our old equipment.”

“ASI ran training sessions at the school, to make sure the teachers knew how to get the best from the boards. ASI has also set up a Facebook group where we can share information with other teachers, who also use Clevertouch. That’s great, because there’s almost always someone who’s already done what we’re wanting to do, so can give us some tips.”

“For any other queries, we simply call Shantel at ASI, and she’s very quick to get back to us.”

Engaged students, happy teachers

The teachers are delighted with the way that the Clevertouch boards allow them to engage students more in their lessons. One example is the screen share feature where the teacher can do something on their iPad and show it to the students on the big screen. Or the students can see the content of the wall-mounted screen on their own iPads.

“Seeing the teaching material on their own iPad, rather than having to look up at a board, helps the students interact more with the lesson”, explains Leearna. “That makes our job as teachers easier and delivering lessons more effective.”

Overall, choosing Clevertouch was a great decision for Horsley Park Public. “If I had to sum up the three best things about the technology”, says Leearna, “it would be the way we can annotate our teaching materials, the way that everything from the screen can instantly be saved to the Google drive, and the screen sharing between the Clevertouch and iPads.

Horsley Park prides itself on providing a high quality of education to its very diverse cohort of pupils – and Clevertouch is helping to keep all those pupils engaged and wanting to learn.

ASI not only provided us with the boards, but they took care of everything, from installation to training

Leearna Borg, STEM Coordinator, Horsely Park Public School


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