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Aging network equipment and convoluted server infrastructure.


IT modernisation journey to replace and uplift into the cloud.


A more secure environment with greater business alignment and increased cost efficiencies.

Australian clothing manufacturer, ISC Sport, has embarked on a ‘digital facelift,’ a major transformation project that involved a trio of procedures: a virtual desktop redesign; replacement of aging network equipment; and an uplift of the on-premise server infrastructure into the cloud.  

In fact, it’s a complete IT modernisation journey – in collaboration with ASI Solutions – that’s not only the “perfect fit” in terms of the partnership between the two long-standing companies, but is also changing the face of the well-established, traditionally-focused retail manufacturer for decades to come, according to ISC Sport’s group CEO, Jason Schulman 

Founded in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery in 1991, ISC mainly manufactures team uniforms for several professional and grassroot community sports, including Australian football, rugby league, rugby union, association football, cricket, basketball, netball, as well as schoolwear. 

ISC Sport, Canberra Raiders

Technology is advancing rapidly, and it is critical to the success of any business. However, often you don’t have control over it.  If you fail to keep up or fall behind, it can have significant consequences on your entire business.

Jason Schulman, CEO, ISC Sport

As part of the IT modernisation project, ASI Solutions performed a redesign of Azure Virtual Desktop; embarked on a network uplift (replaced the aged network equipment with a modern Sophos Firewall and Sophos Switching); and delivered a Server Uplift (the on-prem server infrastructure was switched into the cloud to remove the risk of using aged infrastructure on-prem).

ISC Sport CEO, Jason Schulman

“It’s a complete modernisation journey that gives us a new look and feel,” Schulman said, explaining it’s the “right move at the right time,” positioning IT and digital transformation as a key strategic priority that will help drive operational efficiency, bolster innovation and enable the firm to go head-to-head with the competition and retain their position as market leaders.


That’s why the partnership between ASI Solutions and ISC Sport is “perfectly aligned,” according to Schulman. “ASI is helping us to take our IT platforms to the next level. This is a massive undertaking and it certainly can’t be underestimated how big a shift it is to elevate and accelerate the IT foundations of a company.”  


Already, the company is seeing significant improvements in terms of infrastructure and network simplification and optimisation, worker efficiencies and greater productivity, as well as a total reorganisation of IT, resulting in a more agile and secure functioning environment.   


Schulman said the company started to rethink business priorities and explore its relationship with technology – particularly as it goes the extra mile in providing customised apparel and needs to heavily rely on technology and processes to meet the ever-growing demands of both customer and consumer.  

We required more IT support and needed a Managed Services Provider to push us and provide a better understanding of all of the latest technologies and systems available to help us go to the ‘next level’ both operationally and in catering to our target markets.

Jason Schulman, CEO, ISC Sport

‘Peeling’ back the layers

That’s when ISC and ASI Solutions teamed up and made a pact – rolled up their sleeves and got to work. If anything, the modernisation journey – which sees ISC branching out to a managed services scenario – has been an interesting ride and not without some unique challenges.

With guidance and vision, ASI Solutions provided a pathway forward – developed trust with the team, and ultimately became ISC’s IT strategic advisor.

“We brought ISC along a journey in terms of their own understanding of their IT environment – and guided them to a point now where they want to explore more, go even deeper into operational efficiency and worker productivity, and further tap into innovation,” according to ASI Solutions’ CIO, Darren Morris.

But like all great success stories, this one had a few hurdles to clear. And much like an onion, ASI Solutions had to peel back multiple layers of what needed to be done.  What’s more, there was some hardware duplication – seven NAS were found – and the team was unclear about where all their data was residing.

ISC Sport, Manly Cricket Club

The first step was to undertake a “discovery process” to better understand the environment, the issues, and for all staff to articulate their frustrations.  At the end of the in-depth investigation period, things started to happen fast, according to Alexander Ewings, ASI Solutions’ account executive.

“After we finished our IT environment audit we peeled back some of those layers and started providing the managed services. As part of that, we also started going more in-depth through the environment, discovering more of these onion layers – better defining who the customer is, and understanding what their workflows are.”

In that vein, the ASI Solutions team reorganised the IT infrastructure to mitigate risks associated with reliance on legacy systems while maintaining business continuity.

Importantly, Alexander said the team also worked to “harden the security” around the business. “We did pretty much everything we could from a technical point of view around the business to help secure the fort.”

Additionally, the cost benefit has now come to light, Alexander said. “We moved in and helped simplify everything from an IT point of view, and we worked with the business to significantly reduce their IT spending.”

We’re at a point now where they’re stable, and now they’re actually asking, ‘How do we get better? How do we use IT and things like automation workflows, because it’s no longer seen as a cost. What can we do with this technology now that it’s all working? And I think that’s the exciting part.

Alexander Ewings, ASI Solutions, Account Executive

Sizeable cost savings

And while cost savings is a major driver, Schulman said it wasn’t the only pain point, but nonetheless it’s certainly making a huge difference.

Indeed, the new IT fabric carefully woven together by ASI Solutions has been designed to deliver significant operational cost savings for ISC on a number of fronts, according to Ewings.

By optimising the previous IT’s Azure Remote Desktop environment, ASI Solutions was able to deliver significant cost savings and better performance at the same time.

“These cost efficiencies and savings are significant, but it’s still relatively early days – we feel there’s a lot more to come. Already, there’s definitely been benefits of working smarter, not harder,” Schulman said.

So, whether it’s reaping cost efficiencies, beefing up worker optimisation, or becoming a more aligned and digitally cohesive business, the ISC team is in safe hands now that it has a dedicated IT advisor at the helm, providing real-time support and advice on “all things IT,” Schulman said.

And Schulman has no doubt that technology will continue to reshape – and refashion the clothing manufacturing industry.

We’re getting better. We’ve been at the forefront – and that’s where I want to stay – and that’s why our relationship with ASI Solutions is so important.

Jason Schulman, CEO, ISC Sport

Security training

So, what’s on the horizon for ISC now that IT is a core pillar?  Schulman said security will continue to be top of mind – particularly given ISC’s global flavour.

“We have suppliers in various other countries and they all log in and utilise our systems. Certainly, there are some big considerations in how they all link together,” Schulman said.

In a bid to educate and raise awareness, ISC plans to embark on ASAP (ASI Security Awareness Program), a 12-month cybersecurity training program that raises awareness of the risks and gives practical lessons on risk identification.


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