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Companies have learned that providing hybrid and remote work options can attract and retain more diverse candidates, including those who may have previously faced more barriers from joining the workforce. Letting staff work from anywhere, and at any time, starts with investing in devices and technologies that go beyond just supporting remote work. These devices must provide the digital accessibility employees need to thrive in the workplace. 

Modern devices can enhance accessibility

It takes a diverse group of skilled employees with different voices, backgrounds, and experiences to drive business success. Creating a culture of inclusivity within your business, and prioritising digital accessibility, can help you deliver an employee experience that truly puts your people at the centre of your business. This can help you to attract and retain skilled workers and maintain a competitive edge in the war for talent.

To help foster a culture of inclusivity in the workplace, your business must make it easy for all employees to access the digital tools they need to work effectively. This includes workers from older generations, those with impairments such as motor function, vision, hearing, and cognition, and any employees facing language barriers, among other challenges.

In simple terms, digital accessibility means reducing and removing barriers that stop people from being able to effectively interact with or access websites, tools, technologies, and more. Considering digital accessibility is important for everyone.

Some of the ways you can provide greater digital accessibility for your team members through software and applications include:

  • automatic captioning and transcripts for audio and visual content 
  • interactive narrator and dictation tools  
  • adjustable font size and colour contrast of text across webpages and company resources 
  • accurate alternative text for images, gifs, and video. 

Beyond supporting your team members with accessible software and applications, you can also bolster engagement and interactivity with the support of accessible hardware solutions. For example, the Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit is designed in collaboration with the disability community to deliver accessibility. It’s a flexible set of tactile tools that help users identify keyboard keys and physically open and use devices more efficiently. Some of its features include keycap labels and bump labels in four shapes and colours and opener support which includes a pull tab and ring to provide more flexibility for opening a laptop lid and manoeuvring the kickstand of a Surface device. These keycap labels and bump labels can be applied anywhere to help users identify features such as buttons, keys, external cables, and ports.

Supporting employees with tools that help them to access work however they need to can go a long way towards improving their experiences in the modern workplace and shows that you’re committed to inclusivity 

Building digital accessibility into the bones of your business 

Everyone benefits from good design, and inclusive workplace cultures can’t exist without digital accessibility.

Giving your employees the accessible tools they need to be and feel productive is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s essential to train your team so they can make those tools and applications work for them. It also means you’ll get the most out of your technology investment. When team members use technology effectively, they can focus their energies on being more creative, innovative, and productive. The training you provide should be ongoing and tailored to their specific needs. Working with a managed IT services provider to deliver smart devices with accessibility tools plus effective training can help you get the most return on your investments. And, it can help your employees to work smarter, not harder, regardless of their unique needs.

How ASI Solutions supports digital accessibility in your business 

At ASI Solutions, we recognise that inclusive workplace cultures don’t exist without digital accessibility. We’re committed to helping businesses like yours support employees in the cycle of work. That’s why we partner with leading technology vendors like Microsoft and Intel. Together, we provide digital transformation solutions that deliver a desirable employee experience and help you make positive, accessible choices for your future business success. 

ASI Solutions Modern Workplace Solutions combine leading vendor hardware with our unique, end-to-end service and training powered by an award-winning Microsoft partnership to support your business’s need for digital accessibility. For more information on how we can help your business build digital accessibility into your foundations and create a strong employee experience for people of all backgrounds and abilities in the modern workplace, contact the team today. 


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