As technology progresses rapidly, the skills gap is growing. This gap presents a real challenge for businesses everywhere, directly affecting how companies achieve a return on their technology investments and significantly impacting the wellbeing of their greatest assets: people. According to new research from RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics, the digital skills shortage costs Australian businesses $9 million per day, and it will take an investment of approximately $1.5 billion to bridge the current gap.1  

The existing digital skills gap impacts a business’s productivity significantly, and will cause organisations to miss out on crucial innovation and growth opportunities that would differentiate them from competitors. This skills gap results in: 

  • lost productivity as people are weighed down by work practices that are tedious and outdated 
  • lack of understanding of digital security which creates weak links in the security chain, making it easier for cybercriminals to exploit organisations 
  • loss of data through inappropriate storage, backup, and sharing workflows  
  • missing out on the benefits of a culture of continuous digital skills development, leaving organisations struggling to adopt advanced technologies that drive efficiency, innovation, and differentiation in the marketplace. 

With more people working remotely or in hybrid settings, the need for solid digital know-how is more critical than ever. Understanding the risks of falling short in digital literacy, along with the transformative benefits digital skills can offer, is key to successfully navigating and thriving in the digital age.  

Why digital literacy is important for employers 

Providing your employees with digital literacy skills offers a wealth of benefits for employers, including:  

  • Boosted productivity and efficiency: employees can streamline routine tasks, collaborate more effectively, and find information faster, lifting productivity. 
  • Sharper decision-making: teams have more time for deeper thinking which will lead to better analysis of data, fuelling strategic growth and innovation. 
  • Greater agility and innovation: the workforce is quicker to adapt to market shifts and tech updates, encouraging ongoing improvement and innovation. 
  • Better customer connections: employees more effectively engage with customers, improving their experience and satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced security: an educated team is the key defence against cyberattacks. 
  • Attracting and keeping talent: talent attracts talent, and companies focused on digital literacy appeal to talented people, especially those looking for advanced technology places to work. 


Personalised and practical training  

Our Digital Skills Coach training program is designed specifically to address the digital skills gap your organisation is currently experiencing and paying for! By combining custom content tailored to meet your team’s unique needs, interactive workshops for hands-on learning, and ongoing coaching for sustained development, we leverage our years of expertise in technology adoption and training to deliver impactful results. 

Here’s why it’s a standout choice for your organisation: 

  • live, interactive presentations from the very best presenters and technology experts 
  • more than 200 curated, individual, interactive lessons for comprehensive skills development 
  • progress monitoring with easy-to-understand scores and metrics 
  • focus on teaching practical application of skills that enhance everyday work efficiency 
  • improve your current work processes through the input of your skilled workforce 
  • get up to eight hours a week back through productivity enhancements 
  • leverage comprehensive post-program support, including access to updated materials, expert advice, and insightful reporting to track your return on investment (ROI). 

How ASI Solutions can help boost your team’s digital literacy 

The future revolves around the increasing use of technology, so improving digital skills must be a priority for your organisation to flourish. The ASI Solutions Digital Skills Coach program delivers a focused, personalised approach to digital skill-building. ASI Solutions ensures companies keep up in the digital age and even lead the charge in using tech for growth and innovation. 

Our approach is focused on enhancing your team’s use of the digital tools you already provide, and builds a culture of ongoing digital skills development. Through practical, interactive learning experiences, we’re committed to supporting and transforming your team’s technical capabilities for sustained impact.  

To find out how your organisation can boost its digital skills and tackle the digital landscape’s challenges head-on, get in touch with our team today.