Surface Duo 2: Let’s Talk About Why It Exists

What is the purpose of this device? The Surface Duo 2 is, well, interesting to say the least. Why would you want a phone with two screens? What possessed Microsoft to make such a phone? Is it the iPhone killer we have been waiting for? Let’s talk about it.

Having worked in the tech world for decades Brett and Mat are extremely experienced in this space. They are both advocates of using a digital pen for productivity and have a special interest in multi-modal computing. So naturally, the Surface Duo is an exciting development. But they struggled to find many out there who really understand why this device was created.

The Surface Duo 2 can help people to achieve more

It’s true that the unplanned use of technology never produces a good result. And tech for tech’s sake is not what Mat and Brett are about. Neither is Microsoft. So, people who are reviewing the Surface Duo 2 as technology for technology’s sake – what’s the purpose of it? Microsoft’s stated mission is to help people to achieve more. And after 6-8 weeks of using it, the Gilbertson brothers have gained much insight into how this new device lives up to that mission.

So, in part one of a new video format, watch, listen and learn as Brett and Mat discuss the Surface Duo 2 at length. Their tech-spertise will enlighten you.