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Since our inception, ASI Solutions has been a trusted government supplier. We provide complete solutions including products, services and support systems to government departments nationwide, and our services are aligned with ITIL principles.

Providing government solutions has been a cornerstone of our offering since our first contract in 1991. We’re seen not only as a supplier, but as a trusted advisor to government departments throughout the country. Working with Local, State and Federal Departments, including NFPs, for over three decades has proven that we have the skills, technical ability and trust to deliver highly successful solutions time and time again.

Why Choose ASI?

  • Trusted by government departments
  • Over 35 years’ experience
  • Collaborative and interactive solutions
  • Local and national support
  • Complete and flexible
  • We manage IT so you can focus on what matters


We are currently listed on these government contracts.



Hardware Marketplace – Category 1: Enterprise Storage-P0001450
Hardware Marketplace – Category 2: Network Infrastructure -P0001450
Hardware Marketplace – Category 3: Network Cabling Services -P0001450
Hardware Marketplace – Category 4: End User Computing -P0001450
Hardware Marketplace – Category 5: Enterprise Computing -P0001450
Hardware Marketplace - Category 6: Video Collaboration Systems, Devices and Services.
Hardware Marketplace - Category 7: Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart Devices.
Whole of Australian Government Software Licensing and Services (SLS) -P0001450
Digital Transformation Agency, Whole of Government (WofG) Mobile Services Preferred Supplier Panel member.
Digital Transformation Agency, WofG Cloud Services Panel:
- Compute Infrastructure as a Service (UNCLASSIFIED DLM)
- Compute Infrastructure as a Service (PROTECTED)
- Storage Infrastructure as a Service (UNCLASSIFIED DLM)
- Storage Infrastructure as a Service (PROTECTED)
Digital Transformation Agency WofG Software Marketplace
Digital Transformation Agency - Digital Marketplace member.
Department of Treasury Portfolio (led by ATO) ICT Professional Services panel – moving to the Digital Marketplace
CSIRO - Scientific Compute, Data Hardware and Associated Services Panel.
University of Canberra ICT Augmented Support Panel.



ITS 999 ICT Hardware Agreement
ITS 2020 ITS Service Scheme
ITS 278 Electrical and Gas Appliances and Presentation Equipment
LGP 306 Local Council Desktops, Notebooks and Peripherals
LGP 10.08 Local Council IT&C Professional Services
Multimedia Contract



QGITC (Q-103) PCs, Servers, Networking, IT Services, Printers Software, Peripherals.
DETPSA – 100543 Queensland Department of Education
DETSOA-84891 Queensland Department of Education End User Computing



CP150 TASMANIAN GOVERNMENT Information and Communications Technology Hardware Contract



End user computing equipment panel DPC-SPC-01-2018
Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development



Western Australia Local IT Supplier to Local Government Association Authorities

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