Get tech fit at our Melbourne Digital Skills Workshop Series launching on March 30!  

At ASI Solutions, we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest digital trends and technologies. To truly realise the benefits of technology, you must empower your team both as individuals and as a group with continual training to develop their digital skills and expand their technological mindset.

This series is designed to help people learn the digital skills needed to thrive in today’s world and will be hosted at ASI Solutions Mulgrave office by Training and Productivity Director, Brett Gilbertson.

Stay ahead of the digital curve! Register for one or all for our upcoming digital skills workshops & get ready to take your digital skills to the next level.


March 30 | Personal Planning in M365 > LEARN MORE & REGISTER

April 12 | Accessibility Tools to Promote Collaboration > LEARN MORE & REGISTER

May 3 | Teams for Creating, Ideating and Planning > LEARN MORE & REGISTER

May 18 | Get Started in OneNote > LEARN MORE & REGISTER