Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are still reluctant to adopt cloud technology, often due to misconceptions about its complexity or a lack of understanding about its operations. However, the advantages, such as increased agility and the ability to meet shifting market demands, make the transition worthwhile.  

Integrated technologies from Microsoft, powered by Azure and Microsoft 365 and enabled by ASI Solutions, aim to make cloud technology both affordable and accessible. For SMBs, the urgency to adopt cloud technology is clear. A 2023 survey conducted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) found that 62 per cent of SMB owners have experienced a cybersecurity incident, and almost half reported spending less than $500 on cybersecurity per year.

The cloud offers more than just enhanced security. It also supports business-as-usual in the era of distributed workforces, enhancing the digital experience for employees, which in turn improves productivity and job satisfaction. According to Microsoft, 28 per cent of SMBs with fewer than 10 employees feel they lag behind other companies in terms of technological investments and capabilities. Meanwhile, 78 per cent of SMBs agree that enabling remote work is a significant incentive to migrate to the cloud, and more than 90 per cent believe that cloud-based applications are easier to manage and secure.

Turning challenges into opportunities 

Many SMBs see the value of moving their operations to the cloud; however, they still have some concerns. At ASI Solutions, we look at some of the top concerns SMBs face and provide some recommended solutions:  

Challenge: How do we maintain strong connections in a hybrid workforce?  

Solution: With only a third of organisations planning a full office return, fostering collaboration in hybrid workspaces becomes essential. Solutions like Microsoft Teams offer a seamless platform where groups can chat, hold conference calls, and collaborate in real-time on documents, ensuring that no matter where you are, you remain connected and productive. 

Challenge: How do we ensure staff can do their jobs from anywhere without risking security? 

Solution: Moving to hybrid operations has introduced several security concerns. However, with integrated solutions like Microsoft 365, SMBs can benefit from built-in security capabilities, ranging from identity management to threat protection, ensuring that your operations remain safe and secure, irrespective of where your team is based. 

Challenge: How do we help staff hesitant to change embrace new technology? 

Solution: Learning new technology can be tricky. It’s time-consuming and often involves a lot of admin during the set-up process; however, using new technologies also means gaining new skills. To truly realise the benefits of technology, you must empower your team both as individuals and as a group. They need continual coaching and training to develop their digital skills and expand their technological mindset.  

The ASI Solutions Training Team offers coaching and training, backed by research, that can help your employees harness their potential to achieve greater success and productivity. Our training programs are designed to walk teams through relevant devices and software, from the basics through to more advanced skills, grounding their personal digital development.


When is Microsoft 365 the right choice?  

SMBs can achieve more with Microsoft 365. ASI Solutions has identified the following typical scenarios where it can make a difference for SMBs:  

  • empower staff of all technology skill levels to be productive, whether they’re in an office, at home, or on-the-go 
  • manage schedules for staff  
  • create, share, co-author, and protect documents, presentations, and spreadsheets 
  • communicate with team members from any location 
  • conduct both spontaneous and scheduled meetings, enhanced with supporting documents 
  • gather feedback through surveys and polls 
  • host, participate in, and record online events, webinars, and conference calls 
  • implement telephony, either with new numbers or by transferring existing lines. 

Empowering your team with the right tools   

Microsoft 365 lays the foundation for everything your employees need as they do their jobs. With Microsoft 365 you can: 

  • experience a unified platform offering meetings, calls, email, chat, apps, telephony, and more 
  • leverage a robust suite of modern productivity tools 
  • use real-time collaboration both online and via mobile, leveraging the full desktop versions of Microsoft 365 apps 
  • streamline your operations with a single solution, minimising the number of apps required 
  • use built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify tasks, enhance writing and presentation, and manage emails efficiently 
  • ensure data security by controlling access with security groups and customisable permissions. 

As the modern workplace continues to change, ASI Solutions is here to help. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to making the benefits of cloud technology accessible and affordable to SMBs to help you drive greater impact. Our comprehensive technology portfolio is tailored for flexibility, perfectly suited to cater to the dynamic demands of a diverse workforce.  

Empower your workforce to excel, facilitate inclusive collaboration, and guarantee peak productivity anytime, anywhere. To find out more, reach out to our team today.