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For those of you that are not familiar, Microsoft Power Apps is a no code or low code app development platform that empowers businesses to build professional web and mobile apps to solve their business challenges. ​

​With the platform’s intuitive low-code capabilities, your team can easily and quickly create apps and streamline efficiencies to solve business problems faster.​

There are a number of quantifiable benefits to using Microsoft PowerApps including:

  1. Time to Market
  2. Improved employee productivity
  3. A reduction in app development and maintenance costs

Because Power Apps is a part of M365, you also retain the same level of security and management over the applications without extra input or overheads on your IT team.

This is really important because it means it is easy to manage and secure, you don’t need to learn a new management portal and look into that data security, it’s just an extension of what you’re already doing in M365.

By Power Apps being a part of M365, it seamlessly integrates with all your existing Microsoft products from Power BI, to Sharepoint, Excel and more. 

Aldo Losurdo, Microsoft Modern Workplace Specialist

Power Apps has over 300 connectors into 3rd party applications that are both cloud and on-premise meaning you can connect to countless data sources.

​From Connect files, databases, web APIs and more, you can even build custom connectors for everyone to leverage.​

  • Built-in connectivity to 300+ cloud services, content services, databases, APIs, etc.
  • Seamless hybrid connectivity to on-premises systems via the on-premises data gateway. 
  • Develop and register custom connectors as a building block for citizen developers. 
  • Break down data silos by using multiple data sources in a single application.

​Hopefully now you can see a bit of the power behind Power Apps, but I want to share something more important about how Power Apps can be relevant to you​.


Businesses need tools that work

Often these tools and solutions that are fit for purpose take a long time to create, expensive run and require additional expertise to manage.​

Power Apps allows you to create custom software that is simple and easy to use, including web and mobile applications.

Power Apps gives you the means to intuitively create custom business apps and quickly solve business problems.​

Case Study

Here is how EY was able to quickly spin up an emergency loan process during the COVID pandemic to better service their customers thanks to Power Apps.

Power On your Power Apps journey

So how can you get started with Power Apps?

Accessible online learning for citizen developers, IT admins and professional developers. 

Start learning today:

3 steps to your first app! 

Get started free:

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Of course, you may not have the time or expertise to do this on your own.  That’s where ASI Solutions can help you.

ASI Solutions is a certified partner with Microsoft with a dedicated Microsoft practice team, expert level technicians and trainers who can assist your business achieve their goals and objectives.

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Aldo Losurdo

Microsoft Specialist Team Leader

Having worked in the technology space for over 10 years, Aldo is a self-confessed geek who loves helping his customers get the most out of their technology. With a rich history working with Microsoft on its M365 and Surface portfolios, Aldo has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping customers transform to a modern workplace.


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