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Oakville Preschool, a family-owned agricultural-based early learning centre, required an IT partner to upgrade their technology and provide ongoing training.


Using the power of Clevertouch technology, ASI offered additional support and training to Oakville Preschool staff.


ASI Solutions trained Oakville Preschool staff on the latest Clevertouch technology to promote digital play and accelerate social and learning outcomes for children.

ASI empowers preschool through in-depth training

With a mix of “nature and premium technology” at its core, Oakville Preschool continues to trailblaze a path to a collaborative and immersive environment.  Using the power of Clevertouch the educators captivate and delight classroom audiences.

“The move into the world of advanced classroom technology – and interactive panels – has provided meaningful experiences for both learning and teaching,” according to Kristy McCartney, Oakville Preschool’s Assistant Director

For the family-owned and operated Oakville Preschool – an agricultural-based early learning centre that cares for and educates 2 to 6-year-olds – the team knew it needed to find an IT services partner that would empower the centre to go ‘next level’ on the tech front and to meet its ongoing technology training requirements.

“We knew we couldn’t do this alone,” McCartney said. “We needed a partner to walk us through the functionality, guide us on the technology usage, and deliver services that would cater to our needs and address our pain points.”

Indeed, the hunt was on for a technology provider that could live up to Oakville’s community-minded spirit; meet and match its goals; and be in alignment with its educational roots.

In the midst of sprawling acres and livestock, the charming semi-rural preschool discovered an ideal partner in ASI Solutions. Founded by two former educators in 1985, ASI Solutions has been dedicated to converting classrooms and businesses into dynamic and meaningful learning environments through innovative technology solutions and training programs.


We needed a partner to walk us through the functionality, guide us on the technology usage, and deliver services that would cater to our needs and address our pain points.

Kristy McCartney, Oakville Preschool, Assistant Director

Fast tracking onboarding to ensure teacher confidence

So, how did the story unfold? Enter Ilana Shelton, ASI technology trainer and former primary school teacher and working at the grassroots level, jumped in to help. Right from the get go, McCartney said Shelton provided “additional guidance and support” to the entire preschool team.  

Along with in-depth training on the functional elements of Clevertouch technology, Ilana also created interactive program units; showcased the infinite possibilities associated with the latest communication and collaboration equipment; and demonstrated how to make use of the tech resources to improve overall learning and teaching performance.  

“The Clevertouch panel gives us everything we need – offering educational and interactive programs, and we also use it for research. So we love the functionality of it – and the fact that it can be moved from room to room. And Ilana showed us what was possible.”  If anything, McCartney said Oakville has cultivated a strong relationship with ASI Solutions and now relies on the company for ongoing support and training.

“It’s so good to speak to someone personally and to have that level of communication where I can ask any and all questions, and they’re answered so promptly – even to the point where they’re anticipating our needs and training our teachers with ongoing technology usage and engagement.”

“With the help of ASI Solutions, we want to learn how we can utilise the technology to its full potential – and we’re really excited for that support.”

Cultivating learning outcomes

Certainly, connecting to the real world is crucial – and so is harnessing and engaging with technology that prepares the younger-aged children for school and life in a digital reliant world.  

And Australia has a captive audience. Research shows that Australian schools, in particular, are the world’s largest adopters of technology in the classroom. According to the most current Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), Australian schools are the third largest consumers of information and communications technology (ICT) among OECD countries. 

That’s why McCartney said the decision to ramp up technology in the preschool environment is so crucial – particularly for children in their formidable years and living in today’s digital age – where technology is inextricably woven and integrated into every aspect of society and daily life.   

“We feel that we’re moving with the times – keeping up with the digital age – and we’re supporting the children with their next transition. Exploring our projects and their interests, this immersive technology is a beneficial way to support them in their journey – and it’s a key learning experience.”  

For toddlers and pre-school children, learning and growing with different technologies – observing, exploring and interacting in a stimulating environment – accelerates social and learning outcomes, and facilitates self-expression, McCartney said.  

“Learning through the use of multimedia presentations – via colourful images, sound, animation – is effective and engaging for young minds. It encourages creativity and promotes digital play.”  

The importance of technology in the classroom

Like McCartney, ASI Solutions knows all too well the power and importance of technology in the classroom.  

“It helps in so many ways such student engagement; retaining information; encouraging collaboration; accommodating different learning styles; activating student participation and feedback. Ultimately it is preparing as students to succeed in the future,” Ilana said.  

What’s more, there’s a recognition that students need to be skilled in the use of digital and emerging technologies in order to effectively participate in an increasingly digital world.  

“It’s exciting to be able to bring this technology to life – to make their learning fun and interactive. The kids can actually get up and engage with the panel itself rather than just listening and being an observer. Now, they’re actually part of the learning.” 

“It’s all about learning through experience, learning through play and understanding the many ways in which kids learn. It’s the beauty of interactivity – we have a technology tool (not just a display screen) that allows for creativity and self-expression – and where their imagination isn’t limited,” Ilana said.  

It’s all part of a journey towards building digital literacy, which the University of Western Sydney describes as: “having the skills you need to live, learn, and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices.”  


But McCartney knows it’s a fine balance between nature and technology. “History and research tells us it’s so beneficial to provide these technology tools and resources to children, but we also have to remember to provide that fine balance between nature and technology.  


“We’re on acreage here. We have animals (cows, sheep), beautiful gardens and a big outdoor space where every now and then baby Joeys come through. The children have lots of learning opportunities in nature. So, that combined with the technology resources, means there are some very beneficial learning elements here at Oakville.”  


Partnering with ASI Solutions, Oakville Preschool was able to onboard and train its staff to use the latest communication and collaboration equipment. The technology allows children to explore, interact and learn in a stimulating environment, accelerating social and learning outcomes, and promoting digital play.


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