Recently, ASI Solutions successfully integrated Clevertouch Interactive Panels into Thomas Acres Public School. 

M Series panels are designed to be user-friendly, with quick and easy access to infinity whiteboards, files or the internet, allowing teachers to quickly access resources or view educational videos. M Series panels allow you to annotate over any internet browser, documents, apps or desktop.

Joanne Carter, School Administrative Manager, says “The panels have been a great success at our school, with teachers and students alike praising the technology for its ease of use and the variety of resources it has to offer.”

As part of the overall service, ASI Solutions provided comprehensive training to ensure that the teachers at Thomas Acres Public School were able to make the most out of their investment. The training covered features of the panels and how to use them as well as an introduction to the wide range of Clevertouch educational resources to use within the classroom. This has allowed the staff to confidently use the technology start to create dynamic and interactive lessons that help to keep students engaged.

Joanne further acknowledges the success of the rollout and integration and said “it is a testament to the quality of the product and the expertise of ASI Solutions in the areas of tech consulting, implementation, and support.”

The team at ASI Solutions also provided excellent customer service, responding quickly to any queries the school had. The staff were impressed with the level of support they received and the speed at which the team was able to resolve any issues.

Overall, the staff at Thomas Acres Public School have been extremely satisfied with their experience working with ASI Solutions for the purchase, installation, and teacher training of the Clevertouch panels. They look forward to seeing how the technology can continue to enhance the learning experience for their students in the near future.