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As technology continues to shape every aspect of society, the importance of receiving a strong education in digital skills is essential to succeed. However, according to the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, Tasmania, the most digitally disadvantaged state in Australia, experiences lower levels of digital literacy in the education sector compared to its mainland counterparts.

Emphasising digital literacy in Tasmanian schools is crucial to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in a technology-driven world. Schools must offer digital literacy training to ensure their students are ready for the demands of the digital economy or risk them falling behind. 

By prioritising digital skills training, Tasmanian schools can close the digital divide and prepare their students for the opportunities and challenges of the future. Investing in digital literacy benefits not only the individual student but also the state as a whole, laying the foundation for a more technologically competent and economically competitive workforce.  

Tasmanian schools and the need for digital offerings  

Despite recognising the importance of incorporating digital skills training into the curriculum, not all Tasmanian schools have been successful in doing so. Not keeping up with digital advancements can have several negative consequences on students. These include:  

  • decreased efficiency and productivity  
  • missed educational opportunities 
  • inability to effectively collaborate and communicate  
  • limited creativity and innovation 
  • reduced competitiveness in the job market 
  • difficulty adapting to new tools and platforms in the future. 

The growing emphasis on digital skills training programs in some Tasmanian schools presents an opportunity to provide students with a more comprehensive education experience and improved job market prospects, while also boosting their digital literacy.  

The good news is that actions to foster digital skills are underway, with the Tasmanian Liberal Government committed to ensuring every student is connected and engaged in learning through access to and use of technology.  

The recently launched Digital Inclusion for 21st Century Learners Framework aims to ensure all Tasmanian school students have the tools and skills they need to be online and participate in an inclusive online environment.

ASI Solutions and its impact on Tasmanian education 

ASI Solutions has been a provider of innovative and pioneering technology solutions to Australian private and public sector organisations for over 35 years. Founded by former teachers, ASI Solutions has always been passionate about integrating meaningful IT solutions to solve teaching and learning challenges in the education sector. Nationwide, ASI Solutions has helped transform classrooms into relevant and purposeful spaces through the deployment of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive training programs.  

ASI Solutions is delighted to work with Scotch Oakburn College and The Hutchins School. Scotch Oakburn College is one of Australia’s leading schools in technology and is the only school in Tasmania recognised as a Microsoft Surface Lighthouse  School for 2023 through setting a higher standard in digital learning and literacy.

Scotch Oakburn College has cultivated a strong partnership with ASI Solutions, leading to the growth of its successful one-to-one device program. By sharing the program’s success with other education institutions, Scotch Oakburn College hopes to offer a glimpse into its vast potential for enhancing the pedagogical experience.  

ASI Solutions has recently hired Anna Shearer as an education account executive, based in Hobart, to join state manager, Frank Di Palma in growth expansion in the state as part of its Tasmanian growth strategy. Anna has over 17 years’ experience serving Tasmanian schools with information technology (IT) solutions. The new appointment follows a successful year of growth in the region for ASI Solutions, successfully onboarding over 12 New customers across Corporate, Education, State and Local Government.

To boost digital literacy skills and support better learning outcomes for your students, contact the ASI Solutions team today.  

Frank Di Palma

State Manager Tasmania

Frank is a 20-year veteran of the information technology (IT) industry. Frank will focus on the successful delivery of the Tasmanian whole-of-government supply contract, and on building the ASI Solutions brand across Tasmania. The Tasmanian government will benefit from his expertise in end user compute and Microsoft Modern Workplace, Azure infrastructure, networking, and cloud, and his experience with successfully managing services projects.


I am excited to be working with ASI Solutions, a company with over 35 years of experience in providing innovative, pioneering technology solutions. I look forward to taking on the task of growing the local team in Tasmania, and the opportunities this will provide for customers, both current and future, in the region.

Frank Di Palma, State Manager Tasmania





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