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At the heart of ASI Solutions partnership with Clevertouch Technologies is ensuring the technology is being utilised in ways that drive better learning outcomes.

This resource hub aims to provide you with the assets that ensure you are getting the most out of your investment in Clevertouch.

Interested in learning more about specific Clevertouch products or features? Our Clevertouch Experts team has decades of classroom experience and is available for demos and training.

We offer a range of online and face-to-face sessions to educate or up-skill your team. Contact us today to learn more.




Clevertouch Training Modules have been designed for teachers by teachers to seamlessly implement Clevertouch interactive panels and software into your classroom.

At ASI Solutions, we like to take our teachers on a professional learning journey to ensure they are comfortable with the functionality of their new interactive panels.

Ilana Shelton, Technology Trainer

Transform your skills with the help of an experienced technology trainer!

Ilana is our Super Star Technology Trainer – but before, she was a primary school teacher for over 20 years. So, she’s speaking your language, and she knows your struggles!

Through her training, Illana helps teachers and staff optimise their time and resources, giving them back valuable time to focus on teaching rather than administrative duties. Her training can also help organisations increase their ROI, boosting results and saving money by improving user proficiency and reducing the need for technical support.

Contact us today for your personalised training!

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Meet Our Support Team!

Our Technology Support Team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and solutions. We understand the importance of technology in today's world, and we are here to help you stay connected and productive.

Emina Nadarevic, Technology Trainer (WA and NT)

Emina is an experienced technology trainer in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Emina is passionate about helping others maximise the potential of new technologies by delivering comprehensive training to staff and teachers. She focuses on providing tailored solutions to enable educators to effectively integrate technology, such as Clevertouch panels, to increase student engagement and therefore improve learning outcomes.  Connect with Emina on LinkedIn!

Pat Moloney, Technology Trainer (ACT)

Pat is an experienced technology trainer with 17 years of experience in interactive and classroom technology. He specializes in teaching teachers and students how to use and integrate Clevertouch technology in the classroom. His expertise in this area is unparalleled and he has been helping educators and students make the most of their technology for over a decade. LinkedIn!

Clevertouch Acadamy

Become a certified Clevertouch expert.

Register for The Clevertouch Acadamy to access tutorials, lesson plans and detailed downloads that guide you through your knowledge journey.

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Clevertouch Academy

Clevertouch Community

Connect with the community to find answers, ask questions, build skills, and find ‘how-to’ articles and videos.

ASI Solutions Clevertouch
Support Facebook Group

ASI Clevertouch support was created for teachers using Clevertouch interactive panels a safe place to ask questions, get help and support each other along the way.

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YouTube Channel

Discover Clevertouch product overviews, software demonstrations, and useful tips to help you make the most of your Clevertouch Interactive Display.

Clevertouch | YouTube



Our Technology Trainers created training resources to give you a quick start with your Interactive Panels.
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