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‘If you can see it, you can be it.’

That’s a powerful saying – and one that’s close to the heart of ASI Solutions’ Natasha Canov.

Natasha is a prime example of an emerging leader that’s charting a successful career path – thanks to her hard work, determination and people-centric nature – and is now acting as a role model and mentor in her role.

For Natasha, an account manager team lead, who’s been with the company for 12 years, she credits her power of communication – her ability to connect with peers, her ‘team-building expertise and courage, and her strong desire for inclusivity – for catapulting her career.

Indeed, it’s a timely message as we reflect on the significance of this year’s International Women’s Day, which urged people to celebrate the theme of ‘Embracing Equity’: A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination; a world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. And a world where difference is valued and celebrated.

It’s a theme that Natasha can relate to as she finds herself managing and ‘connecting’ with a large team complete with diverse interests, thoughts, styles and personalities – and she’s incredibly proud of the fact she’s able to “lift the team” by helping them showcase their varied strengths and capabilities.

And it’s already been an interesting journey for Natasha, who reflects on her career progression and her early days at the company – particularly her good fortune in ‘seeing’ first-hand what strong female leadership looked like, up-close-and-personal.

Natasha Canov - Account Manager Team Lead

“I started at ASI Solutions in 2011 straight out of school. I was a receptionist. My reception desk was positioned next to (ASI Solutions Co-Founder) Maree Lowe’s office, so I was very fortunate to learn from her. ”


“Maree helped me develop an understanding for business and female leadership, and I’m grateful to have gained wonderful insights and wisdom from such an influential role model, which I would say impacted my eagerness to excel in the IT industry.”

Through that experience, Natasha was able to progress in her career – put her best foot forward and have the confidence to leap into sales.

“ASI Solutions has offered me spectacular pathways in furthering my career development within the IT industry. I’ve had the chance to work as a receptionist for about six months and then I was moved into a sales support role.”

It’s a role that then led to an opportunity as a national purchasing officer, which transitioned Natasha yet again into another department. “But then I was moved – requested actually to move back into sales due to my strong customer relationship skills and from the many praises and requests from customers. This ended up resulting in my favourite gig, which is my current one as an account manager team leader.”

‘On the same wavelength’

Asked what she loves most about her current role? Natasha said, “It’s all about the people, the relationships, being on the same wavelength as your team and working at it together.”

Today, Natasha manages a team of 13 people across seven offices – and she said she’s able to blend her own authentic leadership style of “personal connectedness” into the mix in order to support her team in their efficiencies, job satisfaction and in their development.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to help motivate and develop my people in their career and personal development.” Natasha’s goal is to inspire her team to provide exceptional customer service, which plays a big part in the overall success of the business.

“But for me personally, I’ve also been able to develop a very good awareness of emotional intelligence, which I’ve learned through this role. I’ve had really good leaders – both male and female mentors – that have helped me further develop this ability over the years as well as recently being supported through formal leadership development programs.”

Indeed, it’s this emphasis on connection and the power of fostering relationships that makes Natasha the unique leader she is today. If anything, it’s this focus on relationships and her ability to build empathy for people – both internal with team members and external with customers – that gets her excited!

It’s not only about getting the best for my team, making them successful and having empathy, but it’s also about making those relationships – those deeper connections – within the customer base, and getting the absolute best for them. That’s my mission.

Tellingly, Natasha credits her father for instilling this people-centric belief system in her. “Relationships are the foundation of successful stakeholder management. They help create trust, understanding and a shared vision for success.”

“The nature of the business with ASI Solutions means we’re constantly innovating as a business and for our customers- growing, expanding and changing. It’s such an exciting environment at the moment. And I’m really enjoying growing and changing with the business – there’s so many opportunities to explore and support in such a dynamic environment.”

At ASI Solutions, we are always looking for self-driven, team-oriented professionals. If you are looking for a new career opportunity, and would like to join our awesome team, contact us today.

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