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Expect the unexpected and be open to new opportunities and change

If there’s one thing ASI Solutions’ Oskar Northover has learned during his time in MSP land, it’s that you need to expect the unexpected, and be open to new opportunities and change.

In fact, this grad student turned IT professional can safely say he now knows a thing or two about project management, a skill and discipline he never even imagined back in his heady student days.

Oskar Northover

“IT has always been a passion of mine as long as I can remember – so I decided I wanted to go to TAFE and study IT.

I loved building computers and tinkering, and doing Web design, but I wasn’t sure whether I’d end up doing it professionally or just as a hobby.

“So, to think I’d end up doing project management – and dealing with customers in such a profound and meaningful way, helping them with their tech journeys – is so exciting.

Starting as an intern.

Today, as a Project Coordinator for Sydney-based ASI Solutions, Oskar has already made a name for himself, clinching a host of company ENTICE awards and even becoming a fan favourite both to ASI’s customers and staff alike.

Oskar originally joined ASI Solutions as part of the internship program and quickly climbed the ranks. In his current role, he’s involved in a number of projects including customer onboarding; reviewing and meeting with clients to develop IT roadmaps and infrastructure planning; migration planning; and network upgrades.

It’s exciting to be able to help customers modernise IT systems – even transition them from legacy systems to cloud-enabled environments – and elevate them to a high level of standard in terms of operability and supportability – that’s one of my main focus areas

Another exciting task is being able to travel all across the country – to places like Victoria, Queensland and around NSW – both as a technician to perform Wi-Fi surveys and continuing again now as part of the project management role.

Oskar Northover

Certainly, for Oskar, it’s all about timing – and he knows he’s in the right place at the right time on his professional development journey.


Alongside a “staggering” skills shortage – the kind that’s straining even the strongest of companies, and one recently addressed by the Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor – Oskar’s place in the market is so important.

In fact, data shows the number of skilled occupations experiencing labour shortages in Australia has nearly doubled from 2021 to 2022, with 286 occupations with national shortages, compared with 153 in 2021, according to the National Skills Commission. Technology roles, in particular, are some of the hardest to fill, particularly cyber-security, cloud computing and software development roles.

Training and learning on ‘speed-dial’

One way to keep on top of the skills game – at least at the grassroots level – is to train and learn like a Ninja – one worker at a time – and that’s exactly what Oskar is doing, with the help of ASI at his side.

He’s already been working hard on the certifications front, and eager to sink his teeth into upcoming training on the modern desktop (Microsoft 365), and other AIM courses, as part of the internal career development training program.

The ride so far for Oskar has been thrilling – to say the least. “There’s so much to learn. I’ve been plunged into the deep end on the customer side, learnt about so many new and exciting tools and technologies, and been given such a broad depth of exposure to different tech environments. And I particularly love the project management side – keeping all parties happy and making sure everything goes to plan.

I’m lucky I ended up here – at an MSP across all facets of the market. I know I still have lots to learn, but who knew one of my strengths would be dealing with clients in such a direct and customer-facing way – and really loving it.

At ASI Solutions, we are always looking for self-driven, team-oriented professionals. If you are looking for a new career opportunity, and would like to join our awesome team, contact us today.

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