Empowered employees are changing the future of work, and technology is playing a pivotal role in achieving this.

In today’s modern, flexible workplace, emerging technologies continue to revolutionise how we work. Businesses looking to stay competitive should invest in innovative tools and solutions to streamline workflows, automate processes, optimise costs, and foster meaningful connections among disparate teams.

Organisations can establish themselves as digital leaders and desirable workplaces by investing in the right digital solutions to improve operations and employee experience. Empowering employees with technology as a true enabler of intelligent workflows, is one of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage as your team will become more productive and drive additional revenue growth for your business.

As technology changes the business landscape, now is the best time to align digital transformation strategies to your business goals or risk getting left behind.  

Two people sit around a laptop.

Reimagining the employee experience

In a modern workplace, technology defines the employee experience. You need to re-imagine the workplace as people-centric, underpinned by the latest technology that equips your people with the best collaboration tools, training, and flexible and secure solutions. This will support your changing workplace and accelerate business growth. 

Modern environments, powered by technology, can empower your people by: 

  • Promoting team collaboration
    Businesses thrive when employees come together with diverse ideas and perspectives to find innovative solutions. Leveraging a digital collaboration toolkit such as Microsoft 365, lets multiple users stay connected and work together on projects from anywhere and on nearly any connected device. By providing employees with integrated tools and cutting-edge technology, you can enable your workforce to participate fully and contribute their knowledge and skills, maximising the collective brainpower of your people.   
  • Automating and simplifying tasks
    Automating time-consuming, manual tasks can free up your employees to contribute to more meaningful, high-value projects for the business. Less time spent on tedious workflows and tasks can lead to higher productivity, employee morale, creativity, and efficiency. From a business perspective, automation reduces human error and lowers operating costs while delivering a faster return on investment (ROI) and increased production output.  
  • Encouraging creativity
    Technology makes it easier to bring creative minds and ideas closer and to take those ideas further than ever before. Integrating the right collaboration tools can drive creativity further by bringing employees together to motivate one another in new and diverse ways, pushing teams to think outside the box and create a solution together.
  • Enabling flexibility and autonomy
    Employees want the freedom to work in a way that suits them and are willing to change jobs to get it. Research reveals that 35 per cent of Australians would quit or look for a job that offered flexible work if required to return to the office in the post-pandemic.1 To support a flexible workplace, businesses can leverage the expertise of a managed service provider (MSP) who can provide advice and guidance on the best software and tools that improve the flexibility of their workforce. These solutions can include better channels for team communication and more effective tools for departmental collaboration.  
  • Driving employee productivity and satisfaction 
    The right digital tools can simplify tasks, help employees communicate efficiently, solve problems, and address issues instantaneously. Improving the employee experience with integrated digital tools can boost engagement and satisfaction, which, in turn, drives greater quality work and customer service. Leveraging Microsoft’s modern desktop services to create solutions that facilitate increased productivity in your business can save you time and free up your team to focus on other value-added activities.  

Technology plays a key role in facilitating flexible, agile working, all while boosting performance and efficiency. By empowering your people through technology, you can enhance employee satisfaction and retention and drive employee productivity for better outcomes.   

How ASI Solutions creates better experiences for your flexible workplace

At ASI Solutions, we know how important the employee experience is. We are committed to providing technology solutions that streamline your business systems to improve user experiences and optimise productivity and collaboration without increasing costs exponentially. That’s why we partner with leading technology vendors like Microsoft and Intel. Together, we create better experiences for your flexible workplace with ASI Solutions powered by Microsoft Surface with certified Intel® Evo™. 

To support your changing workplace and accelerate business growth, you need a dedicated solution architect to help you identify flexible, secure ways to transform your business with Microsoft’s innovative solutions. The three-day modern desktop assessment service, part of ASI Solutions managed IT services, will help you assess your environment, establish your needs, and develop a plan to help bring your environment into the future without sacrificing flexibility or security  

For more information on how ASI Solutions can help you to evolve the way you work with a modern desktop assessment, and to receive a complimentary initial consultation with one of our experienced solution architects, contact the team today.